Conservative Christian Schneider: Russ Feingold “living a double life that would make Josh Duggar cringe”

In an op-ed column published on Friday, conservative columnist Christian Schneider of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opined that former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold is “living a double life that would make Josh Duggar cringe.”

Read the passage in question for yourselves:

Instead, Feingold is simply following the old campaign trick of a candidate trying to show strength in an area that represents his greatest weakness. In the past few months, reports have shown that Feingold has been living a double life that would make Josh Duggar cringe; despite decades of railing against money in politics, Feingold himself commanded a political action committee that has raked in millions from special interest groups.

The fact that Christian Schneider thinks Russ Feingold’s supposed hypocrisy on campaign finance would make admitted child molester and adulterer Josh Duggar cringe is simply stunning and it shows the depths Republicans like Schneider are willing to sink to in order to protect vulnerable incumbent Senator Ron “sunspots” Johnson.


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14 thoughts on “Conservative Christian Schneider: Russ Feingold “living a double life that would make Josh Duggar cringe”

  1. I confess that I have stopped reading Christian Schneider, even though I know I should be aware of what he says for the purpose of understanding the WOW counties’ mindset. I do not want him to give him any hits on my account, so thanks for providing this egregious example of his nonsense.

    About a month ago, I wrote the Journal Sentinel a regular letter to the editor, complaining about how much space Schneider took on the opinion pages. On the particular Sunday, he had three or four separate appearances on the website (like today). They didn’t publish my letter. Imagine that!

    1. Speaking of WOW… I heard a story about a guy (not a very bright guy) who wanted to honor his mother by getting a tattoo. He decided to have an M tattooed on each butt check with the O being his, well, you get the picture. It spells out MOM. He revealed his surprise by dropping his pants and yelled MOM. He immediately did a head stand and shouted WOW. I wonder if that was Christian Schneider.

    2. Joanne, I understand your revulsion at Schneider’s lack of logic and honesty; I also stopped reading him and the paper who would print such extreme and twisted offerings awhile back although I consider it an obligation “to know thy enemy.”

      Schneider is not a conservative; rather, he is a radical who denies or perverts the truth or circumstances to fit his foregone and disturbed conclusions.

      I lament that a former great newspaper has been reduced to having a forum for the likes of Christian Schneider.

  2. Such comparisons and inane hypocritical analysis seem typical of Wisconsin’s “liberal media.”

    1. Feingold never did a thing for Wisconsin in 18 years. No jobs, some dopey votes then made mess of campaign finance.

      1. Besides embarrassing us almost every time he makes a public statement and spending tax $ on frivolous lawsuits WTF has RoJo done for WI?

        1. I am happy that you admit that Feingold and now Tammy do nothing for the state. Ron’s record will come out.

            1. Must really be ahrd waking up every day knowing that a preachers kid has wiped the floor with you guys three times.

                1. Yes, I envy you both Hillary and Obama are like Lincoln and George Washington, never do anyhting but the truth.

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