Bamboo Brandtjen

After learning that several Wisconsin GOP lawmakers, including Assembly Rep Janel Brandtjen, traveled to Arizona last weekend to observe the so-called ” audit ” of Maricopa County’s election results, (some are calling it a fraudit ), just for the fun of it I Googled ” bamboo brandtjen ” and a couple of articles about the trip immediately came up.

The search phrase is successful because, as I’ve written previously, the so-called auditors in Arizona have been looking for evidence of bamboo fibers in the ballots, ostensibly to prove or disprove the theory that 40,000 ballots were flown in from China to secure Biden’s victory. Yup.

So, I wonder what Janel Brandtjen thinks of my search phrase? Is she at all embarrassed at the fact that her name + bamboo brings up her trip to Arizona? If not maybe it’s a suitable nickname?


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2 thoughts on “Bamboo Brandtjen

  1. I would assume the Rep. Brandtjen would be pleased by the attention. I checked the website of the non-profit organization that funded this junket, Voices and Votes (do not confuse it with the Smithsonian Museum exhibit of the same name!) and quickly discovered that the group’s front-people are both associated with OAN, oddly enough. Which has me wondering if Voices and Votes actually is an organization or group or just a way to pass some travel money to la bunch of low-level GOP stooges who are desperate for some national face-time in order to add an air of national political gravitas to the Arizona GOP’s clown show of a recount. I mean [*deep voice*] Wisconsin is a swing state [*/deep voice*] so anything that might influence its’ hapless Republican political hacks into following other states’ GOPpers down the Trump-crazy rabbit hole may be of [*deep voice*] grave national importance [*/deep voice*]

    Has anyone heard any post-trip news reports about this trip, by the way? Or heard anything about OAN’s breathless minute-by-minute coverage? Though I would guess there are cheaper ways to fill airtime.

  2. Ah — here we are:

    Pro-Trump OAN Reporters Are Blatantly Raising Money For A Bogus Election “Audit” In Arizona

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. And now it turns out that Christina Bobb was lying when she said that all the money she raised through Voices and Votes would go to the auditors, since it turns out that at least some of it went to the travel expenses for Rep. Brandtjen and her hearty crew of nut cases. Unless that trip could be considered an in-kind contribution to Cyber Ninjas in the form of business promotion, advertising and the entertainment of prospective clients? I would very much hate to see Cyber Ninjas: Wisconsin as a sequel to The Mess in Maricopa…

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