Walker gubernatorial campaign and WI GOP hire target of John Doe investigation

This should not surprise anyone…

A former aide to Gov. Scott Walker who has pleaded guilty to felony misconduct in office has been on the payroll of Walker’s campaign and the state Republican Party, according to a court document filed Friday.

Kelly M. Rindfleisch was charged in January with doing fundraising and other campaign work while working in 2010 from her office at the Milwaukee County Courthouse where she had been an aide to Walker during the last year of his tenure as county executive.

She had been under investigation as early as Nov. 1, 2010 – the day before Walker won election as governor – according to a sentencing report filed by Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf.

On that date, the West Allis home where Rindfleisch was then living several days a week was searched by authorities as part of a then-widening secret John Doe investigation. Her home in Columbus and Walker’s county executive offices were searched Nov. 21, 2010.

And yet, Walker’s campaign gave her a job “immediately after she left county service,” Landgraf wrote of Rindfleisch, who is to be sentenced Monday.

I’ve long believed you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, and in the case of Scott Walker the company he keeps includes an awful lot of convicted felons.


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4 thoughts on “Walker gubernatorial campaign and WI GOP hire target of John Doe investigation

  1. And this is merely from the sentencing memo on Rindfleisch. Wait till Wink gets sentenced and Russell goes to trial in the next couple of weeks.

    The connections are obvious. We just need to keep reminding our media of them and to challenge all of the right-wing propaganda machine that will no doubt try to misdirect this clear corruption

  2. “I’ve long believed you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep”

    Oh really? Since when? Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi.

    A 20 year close relationship with an unapologetic racist and race baiter. Hosting a political coming out party (and numerous other events) at the home of a couple involved in bombing the Pentagon, U.S. Capitol, the State Department, and banks, police stations and courthouses; a couple who generally gush over their violence and remain unapologetic. And finally, voted to donate funds to and had a fundraiser hosted by a longtime supporter of Palestinian “resistance” attacks against Israel, which he openly regards as a racist, apartheid state.

    Now you don’t even have to connect the dots because these are direct connections, statements, and longtime support from these individuals to a man you all elected not once but twice to the highest office in the land. Now you are asking us to care about the company one keeps? No way, sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

    1. I did’t think you right wingers were still getting paid. You changed the subject. Walker just hired confessed law breakers. That was the subject. Perhaps you should see a doctor about ADD.

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