3 thoughts on “In Light of the Petraeus Scandal

  1. Primarily for the comfort level of not only enlisted men but staff. We still have separate facilities for women in the military for comfort level…it’s the same thing. People (man or woman) generally don’t want others hitting on them at the workplace. With ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ that was put to rest without going into sexual preference. The only reason that I can see that someone would want to announce homosexuality is to recruit sex. My opinion is… that should be done, as with most all sexual encounters, in private after much consideration.

    As for Petraeus, no one can convince me that someone recruited to be head of the CIA wouldn’t know that there is no privacy anymore. I really don’t know what this farce is all about: Except perhaps to gratify the salacious media organizations and redirect the public away from critical budget issues.

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