7 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s “tools” can’t stop yet another month of job losses in Wisconsin

    1. Management…or rather mismanagement.

      Look, this is a company that wants to give $1.75 million in bonuses to senior managers as it’s attempting to lay off 18,500 employees – employees who’ve already made deep concessions to help Hostess right its financial ship.

  1. But scott released HIS OWN good job number that show GROWTH and cbs market watch says that scottie’s numbers are BETTER, cuz, you know, he’s PRO-BUSINESS and all that…

    What’s a moron to do? Just pull the lever for scottie walker?

  2. And now, the other side of the story…

    Mercury Marine plans to hire 170 new employees at its Fond du Lac plant:

    So I guess you have to “blame” Walker’s tools for that too.

    I had to provide this information because Zach has previously admitted that his bias prevents him from reporting any news of job gains that can’t be attributed to POTUS BHO.

    1. The last time I checked, 170 was still less than 7,500. It’s simple arithmetic.

      Sure, some jobs are created here and there, but let’s look at the big picture, which is that our state is shedding jobs faster than new ones are being created. That’s not a recipe for economic success, and we’ve had more months of job losses than job gains since Scott Walker was inaugurated.

      Oh, and as for my biases, you might want to look up Matthew 7:5.

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