2 thoughts on “Ron Johnson’s values

  1. I hope that Mike Tate got Jerry Matysik’s blessing to use his name here. Matysik seems to make a point to stay professional and out of the political limelight, very un-like Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer, numerous County Board members (some “liberal”, some not) and some Council persons (ditto).
    Even when asked directly for his opinion by Council members during meetings he seems to take the MOST deferential path and is rather military in his demeanor. I asked him a non-inflammatory question once in an extremely casual manner, and he fairly snapped to attention and saluted me as he responded. Apparently, as a Citizen of Eau Claire he felt he owed me respect and treated me like I was “his boss”. Freaked me out, but won my frozen heart.

    In spite of the recent trend to partisan-ize non-partisan offices, there are a few old-school hold-outs. These people are Gold, and should not be screwed with, or FORCED to become partisan by virtue of their being used as tools by people with agendas. I don’t care now noble those agendas are or how much I personally want those agendas to succeed.

    I’ve seen a lot of police-in-action over the years. We have a kick-ass Police Force here in EC
    One ‘selling point” that is never used by UWEC is that if you send you little snots to Eau Claire and they act up, they’ll have consequences yes – these guys are NOT babysitters. But IMO these are some of the most controlled and patient and professional human beings I have ever seen. They’re armed to the teeth (guns! tasers! dogs!) but their weapons of choice are their Brains.

    If Matysik continues to speak out on an issue http://www.jsonline.com/features/religion/83585862.html he must really feel moved to do so. It would be a real shame for the city, the University, the homeless/challenged and mentally ill, the addicted, the domestic abused, and average Joes and Janes if Matysik saw any level the negative and criminal-minded repercussions that one Blog writer here saw just this last week. All for merely expressing an opinion.

    Soooo anyways Tate, when Matysik (as far as I know) speaks, it is on an ISSUE and is not applied to a specific candidate or a party. We all know how pumped-up on hate a lot of the electorate is now, looking for outlets. I sure hope you were polite about using a guy’s name in your Partisan Ad. And I don’t mean “within legal limits to use the names and statements found in Publicly Recorded Documents”.
    I mean POLITE. o_o

  2. Is this ad airing on TV? If so . . . FINALLY!!!!! Now there need to be some ads capturing Johnson’s recent string of gaffes, and Feingold can pull ahead in time to win . . .

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