Russ Feingold: The Conscience of the Senate

Found on the Huffington Post:

If the oceans of outside money invading Wisconsin defeat Senator Feingold, it will be one more tragic proof that our country is becoming a land that where the power is controlled by the money.

Russ Feingold is the conscience of the Senate.

He has spent a lifetime standing courageously against a corrupted system that far too ofen has turned Washington into a house of ill repute run by closed fundraisers, secret meetings, and sweetheart deals bought in backroom auctions.

Workers lose their jobs. Neighbors lose their homes. Women lose a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. The poor lose their dignity. This dirty dance goes on because the people with the money run the show, while the people suffering the pain are left out in the cold.

Russ Feingold is the conscience of the Senate because he battles against this system. He is now under attack by outside money pouring into Wisconsin from special interests galore who want to keep the dirty system in place. Once there were two leaders who stood together in this epic battle to cleanse our system: John McCain and Russ Feingold.

Obviously I’m biased when it comes to Sen. Feingold, but the rest of the editorial is well worth a read.


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15 thoughts on “Russ Feingold: The Conscience of the Senate

  1. Great article gives the perfect example why the people of Wisconsin is going to vote him out next Tuesday. “He has spent a lifetime” exactly here is a career politician who has been in DC for a long long time and is nothing more than just apart of the problem not the solution. Workers have lost their jobs. Neighbors have lost their homes. Women have lost a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. The poor have lost their dignity. All under Russ’s watch, People of Wisconsin have tired of this guy who is nothing more than a bobblehead yes man for his party and not the ‘maverick’ he pretends to portray.

  2. This article reads more like a political eulogy than anything else.

    Russ is toast.

    Ron Johnson is exposing what Russ Feingold has been for 18 years: a man who is quirky, witty, and likeable at home, but is very different in Washington. Feingold could probably get away with it if it were any year but this one. Conservatives are motivated and the TEA Party movement tends to favor conservatives.

    Feingold represents everything that is wrong with Washington.

  3. It all depends on where the money comes from.

    Is big labor a special interest? From every category of unions Feingold rates in the top 8 in the senate in donations.

    Of course unions have spent more money than any other special interest.

    To proclaim Feingold is immune from special interest money is truly quite funny.

    You lefties go on ignoring your own hypcorisy though.

  4. Once again, people are celebrating too early. A reason many of these polls are flawed is not only due to the fact Rasmussen Polls are based on a national scale and not a scale to our specific state. Furthermore, a lot of people have changed their numbers, disconnected their landline phones, and the people who use cellphones are not contacted. Furthermore, Wisconsin has a neat little thing called same day registration which can flip all the predictions on it’s head.

    I predict there will be a 1.5% difference with the winner. It’s going to be close regardless, despite people tooting a Republican victory with ease. Ron Johnson has done too many mistakes to make it that easy.

      1. I actually was questioning it to the very end, I actually was surprised at how much Obama won with states, especially since everyone thought it was going to be such a tight race. (Including myself.)

        So for your remark? I was questioning it.

    1. Furthermore, a lot of people have changed their numbers, disconnected their landline phones, and the people who use cellphones are not contacted.

      On WPR the other day, they had a guy named Gregory Holyk, who’s a “Survey and statistics consultant” talking about the polls and the science & techniques behind them. Someone called in, making this same claim, about the land line vs. mobile only thing. He said that the pollsters most certainly do recognize and take into consideration, the fact that land line polling is a potential selection bias. He said that perhaps surprisingly, they’ve seen very little difference in most races between those with land lines vs. those with mobile only.

      1. They didn’t take account of the people not registered though. Personally, I think it’s all up in the air until the very end. Polls have been proven to be wrong in the past, regardless of republican and democratic victory.

        1. I also think Polls are rendered nearly worthless with the rapid demise of landlines. (you didn’t say that exactly, but…)
          and re: this Gregory Holyk, LOL. Of course he has some babble that legitimizes the stuff he sells (polls) so he can buy groceries. What is he gonna do, hit the airwaves with “Guess what everyone? My product is completely worthless!” Perhaps not? He’ll spin out some plausible explanation “amazingly my Swiss Cheese life rafts STILL SAVE LIVES! I dunno how it works, but it does! Jump in!” wow, thanks, Greg.

          It’s not like maybe he’s desperately hoping that the predictions of Demo-backlash and Obamanian Let-down PLUS general rage since “JOB CREATORS” are holding back however many trillion dollars instead of actually doing what they’re supposed to with it (create jobs) So he hopes it works out and matches his preditctions of Tea party triumph, and then he has 2 years for his kind to think of how to get around this problem for 2012, because his little industry just tanked. OMG it’s CREATIVE DESTRUCTION.

          Only polling Landlines skews the results. Just as only polling Blackberry owners would.

          It still ain’t over till The Fat Lady sings (specifically Susan Boyle). And speaking of Boils – Pollsters are overpaid boils on the Ass Of America.

          and btw, anyone who wants to tell me I’m classless and nasty, I am SO not buyin’ it. Things are getting so ugly between all the “serious amd mature people” now I’m thinking of going into hiding till the Apocalypse is over. Once I get a generator and finish stocking up my canned goods I’m outta hare. Damn! :O Somebody call me when Jesus finally makes the scene. On a cell, please. I’m avoiding Gregory Holyk. 😛

  5. Gee Zach maybe you should answer the point instead of throwing an insult.

    Feingold takes a huge amount on union cash, is that not a special interest? Unions are spending more on this election than any other entity. Shall we ignore that?

    You do.

    Feingold does.

    Want to see a hypocrite, look in a mirror.

    1. According to Open Secrets, outside spending (excluding campaign committees) has favored conservatives, with outside groups spending $181.3 million during the 2010 election cycle on behalf of conservative candidates.

      On the flip side, spending by liberal groups has totaled $86.1 million during the 2010 cycle.

      1. I can’t help but notice you didn’t mention Open Secrets’ numbers for spending by the actual candidates (and their PACs). Ron Johnson has spent $12.8 million which is a staggaring amount. Until you read that “Mr. Campaign Finance Reform” has spent $21.1 million.

        I can’t help think of all the good that could be done if the hundreds of millions wasted campaigning to tell us what they’re gonna do were actually spent doing something.

      2. Feingold in 1992: “I will rely on Wisconsin citizens for most of my campaign contributions.”

        Feingold in 2010: 72% of the donors who contributed to Russ Feingold lived outside Wisconsin.

  6. There’s a word for politicians who don’t use PACs and don’t take very bit of money they legally can from anyone at all. The Loser.
    Our political system requires the most heinous misuse of money and cultural resources in any civilization EVER. If you piled up all the money Americans enthusiastically spend haggling over elections and fighting like rabid dogs to gain power and then if you add to that all the sky-high expenditures between elections on lobbying, graft, perks and other forms of similar bullshit you would have such a vast pile of cash that EVERY single problem, pestilence, and want could be dealt with. Diseases would have cures found for them blah blah blah. And there’d be money left over for PlayStations for everyone.
    This is the wrong arena to go looking for a Virgin In White, she left the building a long time ago.

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