Grumpy Old Man McCain Snivels his disdain on DADT

To follow up on my previous posts and Zach’s recent commentary on DADT here we have McCain questioning Admiral Mullen’s leadership in his nasty sniveling way. He has the gall to say “every great leader I’ve known has asked what are your views on this issue”, yet when the people speak and provide their views he denies the validity of the same.

Here’s a remix of his recent statements:


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2 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Man McCain Snivels his disdain on DADT

  1. After Senator McCain’s disgraceful dress down of Admiral Mullen, I cannot possibly see how any senior officer (or non-commissioned officer) in the armed forces can have one iota of respect for the senator. Every Defense Department witness, civilian or military, gave honest and frank testimony and defended their positions with great detail and eloquence, all to have it dismissed with a wave of the hand by an entrenched ideologue. This was the latest in a long litany of disrespect shown to our armed forces by Senator McCain and his fellow conservatives. It really makes me sick to my stomach.

    I guess it should not be a great surprise that Senator McCain has forgotten all he learned about integrity at Annapolis. He did, after all, graduate near the bottom of his class.

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