But does that mean Rep. Ryan thinks Walker is Mubarek?

Watch as Rep. Paul Ryan explains how it’s “like Cairo has moved to Madison” because citizens are expressing their outrage at Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees:

Ed. Note: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact says Rep. Ryan’s pants are on fire with this claim.


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5 thoughts on “But does that mean Rep. Ryan thinks Walker is Mubarek?

  1. PP why all the hate for people that tell the truth! Despicable is that liberal on CNN today saying Doyle had A budget deficit twice as large as what Walker is dealing with and he balanced it. That was one of those cowards that ran from the state today.
    Teachers lying to their students that’s despicable,but its all for the kids right.
    If the Gov had any back bone he would fire every state worker that called in sick if they were at the capital protesting!

  2. I guess I don’t understand why Walker thinks it is fair to claim he is going to balance the budget on state employees. If we believe the argument that the State needs to have a Budget Reform Bill to save the State’s budget, why should this burden be only carried by State Employees? Do they not pay taxes on their income, property tax or sales tax? Wait…they do. So why should only a small portion of the population shoulder the complete burden of our state. Consider this; I work for a private employer. I’ve never been a member of a union. In fact some might say I made my career by arguing for privatization of government jobs and positions. Yet I still understand the need to have government workers be adequately reimbursed for their labor. I would ask of nothing more from my employer.

    If you missed Rachel Maddow’s show please do your best to DVR it. This is not solely about labor; this is about destroying the groups that support the Democratic Party in Wisconsin. The unions are the largest donors for the Democratic Party. If you break the Unions you eliminate the major funders of the Democratic Party and thus severely handicap the party as a whole. The fact that this bill is being rammed down our throats at the same time as other states are facing similar issues is clearly indicative of a nationwide strategy of the RNC. For this reason I will be traveling with a car load of friends to Madison tomorrow. I can’t wait, it even sounds like the weather will be tolerable (some would say balmy for this time of year).

  3. Rooster I have been there the last two days and it is an amazing and powerful experience. Thanks for doing that!!

    And RAy, maybe walker will take time out of his busy schedule of going on fox news programs to do that…but that might interfere with his appearance on fox and friends

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