Shame on Gordon Hintz

It’s been reported that immediately following the Assembly Republicans’ vote to engross Gov. Walker’s union-busting budget proposal last Friday, Democratic State Rep. Gordon Hintz allegedly turned to Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens and said, “You are F***king dead!” Yesterday Rep. Hintz apologized for his comment, and Rep. Litjens said she did not believe Hintz’ comments were meant for her personally, but were directed at the Republican Party as a whole.

Despite Rep. Hintz’s apology and Rep. Litjens’ belief that the comment was not directed at her specifically, Rep. Hintz should have kept his big mouth shut. I understand all too well that emotions were running high among Democrats, given how Assembly Republicans handled the vote, but comments like the one made by Rep. Hintz are wholly inappropriate, no matter the circumstances.


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14 thoughts on “Shame on Gordon Hintz

  1. WOW if this had been an conservative who had said this the obama controlled media would have been all over it but because its a democrat making a violent threat he is given a free pass. Gordon Hintz is obviously a threat to others and needs to be removed from office now.

  2. After 58 hours of anything I’d be saying a helluva a lot worse than that to people I LIKE for gawd’s sake. But, I don’t run for office, I don’t put myself up as leadership material, and you know even with my potty mouth I would “feel” the ambiance of the Assembly room there. I used to take the bus to the Capitol for fun when I was a kid just to hang around. I am really familiar with the feel of those halls and I can’t imagine being that full of my SELF to forget where I was. Except for that one day we played a weird prank on some legislators… oh well I was 12. Anyways I had hoped this Litjens thing was a lie.

    AND!!!! “My attorney advised me not to comment on the sex scandal case” is bullshit.
    I’ve done stuff against my attorney’s advise cuz I thought it was the right thing to do. Make-up people on crime shows do too. Attorneys are always against risk-taking or stand-up behavior on the part of their clients. The CLIENT is always still the one making decisions, always always always!!!! He doesn’t have to obey a damn lawyer blindly. I saw some commenter on the ONW site say he “needs Rehab and then instant forgiveness” or some such. pfft. That’s bogus celebrity rehab. Real “po’ folk” rehab is a lot tougher and you Own Your Shit. End of story.
    I am ashamed that the Left=leaning Blogs are silent on this when you know damn well they’d be all over a Republican in the same situation. I don’t expect attacks but for god’s sake the silence is deafening.
    Good on BB for calling it like it is (or like it seems to be, since Hintz refuses to talk)

    btw once he does open his cakehole and if he DID do what they say, I’m gonna rip a new one about all the ways that it’s just beyond the pale from populist, social inequality, feminist, mental health and substance abuse perspectives for a “progressive” to do that kind of thing. or not. prob’ly ain’t worth the typing.
    Well, another one bites the dust. I was pretty much convinced he was a “dude” 🙁
    sad sad sad
    well… there’s still Chris Danou, I’m really sure he can keep his cool and not do hookers. Yay!

  3. sorry, typing issue – I meant “made-up people on crime shows” etc.
    Not, you know, the almighty Cosmetic Team or something O_o

  4. A free pass? Zach just pointed out it was a totally inappropriate action and the Assemblyman has apologized. I have to congratulate Rep. Litgens for maintaining her grace and composure in the face of hosility.

    1. Pretty much this: besides Obama and liberals doesn’t control the media. Corporations control the media – anyone who thinks that is an idiot. They just likely saw nothing to make money off of this, which is why there wasn’t any focus on it.

      If that was the case, there would be little to no focus on the Tea Party in the US at all. Besides I think “You’re fucking dead!” in heat of a moment is a little less dramatic than a tweet to say you should use live ammunition on protestors. Still pretty terrible though and unprofessional. I am personally proud that Rep. Litgens kept her composure and was fairly understanding of what he meant. I’m sure if a conservative said that to liberals, it would actually receive the same kind of treatment on a the state level.

      That being said about the controversy with the sexual advances? I heard that’s a problem on both sides in politics from what I’m reading about it. (ironically from Gerald Lorge, a Republican, who asked a police offer to munch on his softball-sized testicles. )

      Then again, my ideal is to legalize prostitution so we can regulate the oldest profession and people if they’re abused or are witnesses to a crime they’re more likely to come forward. That is a whole other topic though, I would legalize everything because I’m pretty libertarian as all hell. I mean, come on we are smoking cigarettes and that’s probably the worst thing yet we’re crying about marijuana? I figure by legalizing prostitution, we are giving the people more power so that they can go see medical treatment and other things. In old times, that’s what prostitution was for – making money to sometimes help their families when their jobs weren’t enough. Not because they were sex maniacs. Not to mention legalizing it would benefit both the sex workers and their clients in various ways.

      … And now you likely are thinking of me as a lunatic.

  5. What I mean by a free pass is the liberal media not picking up the story, if this has been a conservative this would have made national headlines but the media is in the backpocket of Democrats so of course there is no story.

    1. There is no liberal media, unless you mean the internet but I would call that free media more than anything else. Anything can be on it without any regulation – that’s what is so interesting about it. On television? There is a corporate media – but I think it was an issue that it was not enough of a GOTCHA moment for them. Now if he said “I’m going to kill you all!!” over “You’re fucking dead!” that would have received more attention in media.

      I’m not trying to be nitpicky, but I am saying this as someone who works in media, has been studying it for years and makes a profit off of it. If Gordon said anything worse, I think he would have got a lot more attention. I think it’s important to note that Rep. Litjens understood the anger, knew it wasn’t directed at her but the Republican Party in figuratively. Honestly? There are a lot of these controversies actually stay hush hush on both sides.

  6. mmm’kay
    You know what’s happening now? It was confusing at first until I realized – since Hintz “apology” does not get specific but he used the words “outburst” well people are now confused. They think he is apologizing for the AWESOME OUTBURST. The original lengthy one after the 4:57 vote and all that. OF COURSE he should still be proud of that outburst, it was still fine. But since he got all cagey with not saying what quote he is apologizing for, he’s gonna have people thinking it’s the most well known outburst. The insertion of the name “Litjens” which is the only thing that qualifies the incident means squat to a lot of readers.

    re: Hookers.
    Have you met any? Talked to them? How about a stripper? If not, and you “see them on TV” and in your imagination, then your views are all abstract, de-humanized. I will go so far as to say self-serving and un-informed. Legalize it so they can have health checks? Oh so nice white boys from privileged backgrounds who are comfortable USING throw-away females can be sure they can literally walk away “clean”?
    You look around any 6th grade class, then try on this thought “being a Hooker is just another career choice”. BULLshit. Mommy I want to be a Firefighter. I want to be a Nurse. I want to be a Sex Worker.
    No. and I think you know that. and who can even guess the actual stats of women who are turning to that as a last resort to pay for their addictions.
    It’s really gross when a very advantaged high status male from a prominent family with a stellar personal ad professional life record (hintz)feels okay secretly going to one of America’s lowest power. lowest status lowest self-respect and LEAST secure lifestyle in evey possibel way women to pay for some sex thing.
    The inequality levels could not possibly be higher. the exploitative levels could not possible be more outrageous.
    He goes off to his marble halls, his well-known family, his staff, his bright future. SHE sits there among shit. Now by that time of their lives I’m not saying they’re nice girls or they’d even not rob you blind if given the chance or whatever. But it takes and enormous series of inequities and failures to get to the disparity levels from the birth of Baby Gordon and Baby Hooker to Adult Gordon and Adult Hooker.
    So yeah the 2 oldest professions will always be drawn to each other High status powerful males using low status powerless females.
    and people suck and will always fail their kids, and there will always be throwaway girls for these men. And there will never be proper addiction services for women with problems and so they’ll hook for their junk.
    But it seemed that since Hintz GOT IT with regards to how the opportunistic PayDayLoan sharks fed off of the social vulnerabilities of the lower income people, it seemed he was DIFFERENT. The way he talked about that issue showed he really (seemed to) GET IT.
    The whole social and psychological and economic structure of the situation, the enormous level of injustice there.

    What he (allegedly) did with the sex worker – he might as well be a Pay Day Loan Shark Same fucking thing. If anything ,maybe even worse, since you know, this is a bit more personal. Legalizing prostitution is irrelevant to this argument.
    Slavery was legal when Thomas Jefferson went all High and Mighty about the goals of man and democracy and then went home and banged his slave. We now know (and if he was capable of higher thought he knew somewhere in his heart back then but took the low road out of personal choice) We all know look back on that slave-banging and slave-ownership as MASSIVE bullshit.
    I guarantee that girl that pleasured (allegedly) Hintz is a slave to something.
    No, it makes me puke. And as smart as Hintz appears, and it has appeared that was a formidable intellect he has there, never-the-less, this is a massive failure of intellect and emotion on his part.
    Or he got psych-bombed by Kafka ~ fight Pay day loan shark exploiters and tadah! one day you wake up and you are one too!

    1. I am a woman and I am not white unless you mean my great great great grandfather who was French Canadian. I have talked to some which is why I have these opinions on this. At first I was shocked at them saying that too then I listened to them carefully. As long as it consensual on their part it should be an open opportunity for them to pursue, not as a full time career of course but we shouldn’t be arresting the women because sometimes they just might not have any other choice in this economy.

      In their words when I personally spoke to them? They are the ones with power when it’s legal, they are the ones offering the services, and it’s usually a 90% rule for the most part. Most of the people they have service with are quaint and go on their way where it’s just the bad eggs who make it all go wrong and get the most attention. Furthermore by legalizing it, it will decriminalize them in that industry and we can attempt to stop the exploitation of women and children by people who try to start up illegal rings because they would have to go through regulations to do so. I’m not saying it’s going to stop forever but it will likely drop. Keep in mind of Gary Ridgway. He killed many prostitutes and the reason why he did it was because he wouldn’t be held accountable because they were doing something illegal. Nobody cared about them. Under regulation and legalization, if they are in a terrible situation and it’s not consensual, the people doing the illegal rings will be busted. If someone is abusive towards one of them, they can tell others amongst connections and give warnings about that individual. But as long as prostitution is illegal, those women who are in bad situations even against their will? Can be arrested and charged.

  7. Here are the women that were arrested at the Hintz massage parlor.

    I wonder what their lives were like at the time that Hintz was going to Badger Boys State or being cheered on by Mom and Dad as he won his “letters” for High School sports etc etc.
    I wonder at what age they were first felt up by Mommy’s drunken boyfriend. Before or after kindergarten. Seems really fair and consensual to me.
    In addition he shat upon all the people who worked hard to get his privileged candy-ass where it is. I’m sure he’s worked hard, by by god he has had SERIOUS advantages other people can’t even dream of.
    If you can’t see a “rich full history” written on each of these women’s faces then you are blind.

    why do I care if anyone is a woman or man

    1. Annie, I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. I can’t speak to whether Hintz had a life of privilege, I mean the part about the women who were arrested. For anyone who thinks that sort of thing is consensual or that it’s not hurting anyone, I don’t believe any woman would do such a thing unless they had serious issues: past/current abuse, drug abuse, serious emotional issues, and/or hitting rock bottom. SAD.


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