A couple of notes from Milwaukee County’s 14th supervisory district

I thought I’d take a break from all the budget and union-related goings on in Madison to share a couple of quick notes about the race to succeed Chris Larson in Milwaukee County’s 14th supervisory district.

In a bit of good news, Jason Haas, a good friend of Blogging Blue, has received the endorsement of primary opponent Gregory Dickinson. Here’s a statement from Dickinson:

“Jason Haas and I share core values regarding public safety, parks and public transit, as well as ways to improve the local economy here,” Dickenson said. “I am happy to endorse Jason, and I believe he will bring the kind of active and accountable leadership that Milwaukee needs.”

In yet more news from the race in the 14th district, the two candidates recently sat down to answer a few questions for the Bay View Compass. When asked under what circumstance he’d sell off Milwaukee County parkland, far-right conservative candidate Steve Kraeger said he’d sell off any parkland not being used for park purposes, explaining how he’d like to sell off a chunk of Wilson Park to put up a Dairy Queen:

I was there last summer and wished that there were a Dairy Queen or something there.

Steve Kraeger: good for Dairy Queen, bad for Milwaukee County Parks.


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7 thoughts on “A couple of notes from Milwaukee County’s 14th supervisory district

  1. After reading Mr. Kraeger’s comment, I went out and heavily invested in Dairy Queen stock…

  2. While I am not a fan of Dairy Queen, I do subscribe to the Atrios theory of urban parks: Parks ought to be useful spaces for families to use. Conservancy is fine, but that corner is nothing to conserve–it’s lawn, basically. (I would strongly oppose paving over any of the great forest land in Wilson Park.) So why not a Leon’s outpost? Or an Alterra?

    1. How about re-purposing that particular piece of land into something more useful and accessible to families?

      1. Something more than lawn. I like the deal Alterra has at the old pump house on the East Side, leasing the space from the city. If we could get a deal like that for the lawn, I would take it.

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