Haas takes the gloves off!

Yesterday Milwaukee County Supervisor candidate Jason Haas called out his opponent, Steve Kraeger, for backing Gov. Scott Walker’s fiscal policies while still claiming he can get the Hoan Bridge rebuilt ahead of schedule.

“My opponent wants to have it both ways,” Haas said. “The reality is we cannot rebuild the Hoan Bridge overnight while simultaneously eliminating the state deficit.”

Haas added he would use his relationships with the 14th Supervisory district’s local representatives in the State Legislature to, “ensure funding for the Hoan Bridge comes to Milwaukee, repairs are made on schedule, and commuters are safe.”


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2 thoughts on “Haas takes the gloves off!

  1. Time has been very hit & miss for me this week so I really haven’t been able to get into the budget details – but I’ve been hearing that despite many other cuts, the DOT & constructions projects hasn’t been cut all that much. Is that not the case?

    1. Money was allocated for the Zoo Interchange and several other freeway projects, but I don’t recall seeing any money specifically allocated for the Hoan Bridge.

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