2 thoughts on “More insidious than even birthers!

  1. Tax cuts for the rich, giving the Republicans $38.5 billion in cuts when their initial offer in January was $32 billion…hey, considering he’s obviously gunning for the GOP nomination, at least that opens the doors for Russ or any other real Dem.

  2. It’s no secret that President Obama wasn’t my first or my second choice for the Democratic nomination…but I supported him wholeheartedly in the general…but I can’t understand the lack of support for traditional Democratic values since his inauguration.

    And he missed a golden opportunity here in Wisconsin. He barely spoke out against Gov. Walker’s ‘budget repair bill’ or against the union busting going on in Madison. His few comments of support were tepid at best. If we had seen a Presidential and true national party effort to stop the governor…we might not have seen these efforts repeated across the other states lead by Republican governors.

    otoh: what Democrat would risk running against the incumbent? No one with any future ambitions.

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