Recall signature gatherer physically attacked at polling place

On April 5 a recall petition circulator was allegedly attacked and their petitions were shredded at an undisclosed polling place during the spring election.

Speaking about the alleged attack, Government Accountability Board (GAB) executive director Kevin Kennedy issued a brief statement:

“One incident that was brought to our attention involved physical violence against a petitioner and the destruction of the petitions themselves,” state government accountability board executive director Kevin Kennedy revealed during a packed, Wednesday news conference. Kennedy cited the incident as he noted the significant role recall signature gathering played at polling places on election day.

“We assume that will be handled appropriately by local law enforcement.”

This isn’t the first act of physical violence against individuals gathering signatures in support of the various efforts to recall the “Republican 8,” as I’ve previously noted.

But clearly union supporters are “thugs” and “goons” according to so many on the right, while those some folks will no doubt defend those attacked individuals gathering signatures in support of recalling Republican State Senators as “patriots” and “heroes.”


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9 thoughts on “Recall signature gatherer physically attacked at polling place

  1. Violence: Stop it before it multiplies.

    This thug just committed a federal offence – violation of civil rights.

    This should be communicated immediately to:

    US Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Civil Rights Division
    Criminal Section – PHB
    Washington, DC 20530

    Electronically to Milwaukee branch of FBI

    3. Cc to

    Office of the United States Attorney
    Eastern District of Wisconsin
    517 E Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 530
    Milwaukee, WI 53202-4580

  2. Odd when a bunch of union thugs attacked people in Merrill not a peep from this site, but now that there is a supposed attack against a union supporter the GAB and this blog start acting like chickenlittles.

  3. “at an undisclosed polling place during the spring election.”

    That’s interesting because if that true, the recall petiton gatherer would be violating state election law.

      1. Yeah, it wasn’t a very well-publicized ruling by the GAB….in fact, I almost missed it when I read accounts about the folks gathering signatures at polling places.

  4. They had to be 100 ft from the entrance of the polling place and here in Green Bay there are a couple of incidents be investigated where union people were not following the rule.

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