Who will/who should the Pack pick?

In a little over ten minutes the 2011 NFL Draft will be underway. The Green Bay Packers have the last pick in the first round of the draft….what are your thoughts on who the Pack should pick or who you’d like to see end up wearing green and gold?


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10 thoughts on “Who will/who should the Pack pick?

    1. Eh, I know that offensive line is a need, but I was hoping to see the Pack trade up to get RB Mark Ingram. With Grant coming off an injury and in his contract year, a younger running back would have been a good fit.

      However, I’m not going to question Ted Thompson’s draft strategy, because the man clearly knows what he’s doing.

      1. I don’t know, I have a controversial theory that RB is a highly overrated position. Meaning, teams with good lines always have good running games regardless of who they plug in at RB, and vice versa. I think, all else being equal, running backs are a dime a dozen save for the occasional standout talent like Barry Sanders. Then, you’re lucky if they last the abuse for 5 years.

        Either way, as a Bears fan, I hope the Packers’ draft is an utter flop. 🙂

        1. I’ll agree that there are a ton more guys who can be passable NFL running backs relative to say – the one in 30 million, genetic freak that can play left tackle. And the NFL uses & abuses running backs then brings in a younger guy to do it all over. But as much as I appreciate that Brandon Jackson ran as hard as anybody, he is simply not close to a starting caliber NFL back.

          It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a high, middle, or low draft pick or a free agent, the Packers needed at least one more quality back than they had.

          Hope you’re happy with Carimi. Good guy & solid player. That said, don’t expect anything remotely close to the guy he followed, Joe Thomas. Thomas is the best LT in the game & talk about a freak of nature talent – guys that big who are that athletic with that kind of foot quickness almost violate the laws of physics. Gabe doesn’t have those kind of tools & won’t ever be a Pro-Bowl LT. He could definitely be a solid one though – or perhaps a very good RT. You’re never going to have issues with him getting into trouble or staying stupid in the media.

          1. I was actually hoping Carimi would fall to the Packers. Like you said, he may not be a consistent Pro Bowler (though I think he’ll be there a few times in his career) I think he would have been a great young addition to the Packers line.

            I will say I like what the Packers have done thus far in the draft. The wide receiver they picked in the second round (Cobb) looks positively electric as a punt and kick returner, and he seems to be a passable replacement should the Packers choose not to bring James Jones back.

          2. Yeah, I have hopes the Bears finally landed a solid first round pick. A star he probably won’t be, but a definite upgrade to their line, which needs it desperately.

            Look at me, Zach: I hijacked your Packers thread to talk about the Bears. Sorry!

            1. No worries….at least you didn’t hijack the thread to talk about something other than football, although I suppose I could argue the Bears don’t really play much football, based on the NFC Championship game.

              1. As a fellow bear fan I have to interject, they lost by a touchdown with the third string qb who hadnt had reps in months. Had they had carimi they might not have had to go to the third string qb.

                While I agree he is no joe thomas(who is) I think he will be a very good starting tackle for the Bears for the next 12-15 years barring injury….maybe Paul Gruber type.

  1. Agreed that RB is a good place to go. I was calling for a high draft pick on RB last year – I thought that not addressing the RB position (above and/or beyond a 6th round pick) was one of the few real mistakes he’s made. And when Grant went down, I felt pretty vindicated, unfortunately. While Starks looks promising, and I’m actually a big Ryan Grant fan, there’s just no such thing as too much talent there. It’s become a multi-back league. Can’t fault how it all worked out – LOVE drafting 32nd! But add in a decent RB (I’m decidedly not a Brandon Jackson fan) and the path wouldn’t been easier.

    I’m not sure I’m sold on Ingram. Might turn out pretty good – but I think they can get a quality guy & at a much better value in the middle rounds.

    I don’t know much about Sherrod – but it’s really tough to fault trying to bring in somebody to help keep #12 upright. I don’t think a draft should go by where we don’t take at least one offensive lineman. More than any other position on the field except QB, you want your next starter on the team as a backup.

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