A great link to follow all the Wisconsin recall elections

If you want to keep abreast of all the goings-on with the various State Senate recall elections here in Wisconsin, you should check out the Wisconsin Recall Blog, a great new blog providing some great insight into the recalls.


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27 thoughts on “A great link to follow all the Wisconsin recall elections

  1. Talking about recalls last week BB was having a progressive meltdown regarding a legitimate signatures on a few of the recall petitions, wonder now that this story has broken if they will have the same response.

    From WBAY …former Oshkosh school board member got a big shock after he found his name on a recall petition he says he didn’t sign.

    “If this is somebody’s idea of a joke, that’s pretty sad. To arguably go outside the law to make a joke is pretty sad,” Dan Becker said.

    Becker is claiming someone forged his signature on a petition to recall Republican Senator Randy Hopper, and Becker is now asking for a thorough investigation.

    Even as one of thousands of signatures to recall Senator Hopper, Becker’s name stood out.

    “I think it’s disgusting, that it’s come to this. There’s a process that’s laid out. There’s rules. There’s laws. If people want to have Randy Hopper recalled, that’s certainly their privilege, but don’t use my name, don’t go outside the rules. Let’s play by the rules. That’s all I’m asking for,” Becker said.

    “The old adage is, where there’s smoke there’s fire. I mean, part of the purpose of this tonight is to let people know that this happened. I would strongly encourage people to take a lot at the recall petitions that are out there,” Becker said.

  2. WOW the crickets are LOUD on this subject. When it was a question about signatures on a democrat recall sheet the progressives were screaming ITS THE JOB OF THE PEOPLE GETTING THE SIGNATURE TO MAKE SURE ITS LEGIT, now that the DEMS have been caught making false signatures on Republican recalls no a peep out of them…..lets take a peek at the word hypocrite in the dictionary, a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings….I think the DNC logo of a JACKASS was right next to it.

    1. I’ll take the same stand here I took with the death threats against the Republican Senators and the supposed broken windshield. I abhor violence, threats of violence, and illegal activities. If someone fraudulently signed someone’s name they should be appropriately prosecuted no matter who did it. End of rant.

  3. Nota, it’s our job to complain about Republicans. It’s apparently yours to complain about Democrats. Have fun with it, but let the game play out a little bit before you start planning ticker tape parades and talking about crickets.

    You seem to be getting a little “intense”/histrionic. Why not take a chill pill, and take a “wait and see” on how the investigations of the respective allegations end up panning out?

    For the record, one of the reasons that the issue of fraudulent signatures on recall petitions being circulated against Democrats became a significant issue is because the Republicans had a lot of help from outsiders, at least one of whom turned out to be an ex-felon.

    Anyway, we all get that you’re really excited about this latest “development”, so the “ALL CAPS” stuff isn’t necessary to get your excitement and/or point across.

    Try and keep a handle on your use of “ALL CAPS”, huh? With this post, you seem to be just a step or two away from posting in “ALL CAPS, ALL THE TIME” in much the same way that a great many [often unhinged] wingnuts that I’ve encountered elsewhere are wont to do. Just be judicious with it.

    You seem to have been stepping your game up a bit lately, so watch the “all caps” stuff, and don’t shoot yourself in the foot with it, credibility-wise, all right?

    1. I am not sure your point about the ex felon, are you saying it is wrong to give an ex felon work? Should they have a scarlet letter sown to their close so we all know they are ex felons? I keep seeing ‘progressives’ mentioning this ex-felon almost as if he is a disease.

      Odd though, now you are saying let it play our before and judgement but when it was the other side of the fence the ‘progressives’ here were ready to tar and feather without any proof, why the change?

      1. Nota, are you saying you’re perfectly comfortable with a violent convicted felon going door to door gathering signatures?

        Remember that this same felon that you’re defending was also caught stealing from patrons at Lambeau Field, which is how the fact that he was a paid signature gatherer came to light.

      2. “I am not sure your point about the ex felon, are you saying it is wrong to give an ex felon work?”

        Let me see if I can help you with your confusion about my point.

        Pretend the ex-felon is a Democrat. Now, pretend that he is assisting Democratic efforts to collect signatures for a petition to recall a Republican from office.

        Does THAT help?

      3. Nota, maybe you should go back, and take a look at Zach’s story regarding same (“Meet the felon behind the Republican efforts to recall Democratic State Senators”).

        No “tar and feathering” going on there. No histrionics. Just unadorned facts, reasonable analysis, and logical conclusions. Nothing more.

        So, what are you talking about?

        When you view everything through a partisan prism, Nota, it just skews your perception of things away from a rational baseline.

      4. Nota, I find it interesting that you’re defending a conservative recall effort’s use of a violent convicted felon to gather signatures, considering your characterization of the group ACORN as “thugs.”

        If you’re going to call folks thugs, be sure to apply the label evenly to liberals and conservatives, lest you find yourself being labeled a hypocrite.

  4. BTW: if Rep. Nygren is taking on a state senator because he ‘abandoned’ his post in the Capitol, shouldn’t he have picked a day to announce it in Green Bay when he wasn’t supposed to be on the floor of the legislature?

    1. Huge difference he did not run out of state and hide. No matter who the candidate is that runs against Hansen it is just going to be nice that Dave will be gone and the people of the district will have real representation, not just someone who represents a few union workers in the district.

      1. Yes I agree, it actually is a huge difference…in this case Rep. Nygren had his pick of days to make his announcement…but HE voluntarily picked a work day.

      2. So, Nota, if Hanson wins, you’ll finally concede that he represents, and is supported by, more than “just a few union workers”, right?

      3. “Huge difference he did not run out of state and hide.”

        Apples and oranges, Nota.

        The minority party does what it has to do in order to advance and/or protect the interests of its collective constituents.

        Just ask Mitch McConnell about the use of his fellow Republican senators about their unprecedented use of the filibuster.

        That said, Nota, let’s just agree to disagree on what the Fab 14 did, all right?

        In our view, they did the right thing, they did what they thought, in their heart of hearts, was the right thing to do. They did what they felt they had to do in order to protect their constituents.

        Clearly, you disagree with that, and it is your right to do that, as well as to characterize what the Fab 14 did as “running and hiding”. Just stop assuming that “angels are on your side” in doing it.

        The rest of us here think that they were just doing their jobs.

      4. Also a huge difference, he came back for the special interest bills, but skipped the bills honoring a soldier who died in Afganistan.

        But don’t worry, he was back to cast his vote for that School Voucher Money. That vote just earned him no less than 75,000 dollars in shady 3rd party advertisements.


  5. Mr. Not a Lib: A State Senator can’t be in office for ten years if with “only a few union workers” supporting him.

  6. I like the wait and see position for this issue. We’ll wait and see how Wisconsin is on the RIGHT track and there will be No Left Turns Allowed. The silent majority is still driving the bus.

    1. I wonder why Republicans in the legislature are rushing to get their agenda passed into law so quickly. Could that have anything to do with their very legitimate fears that they’ll lose the Senate majority following the recall elections.

      1. They are worried but thats ok as long they get passed what the people voted for them to do in November. If we would lose the control of the senate at least the main work will be done. I also am happy to hear that they are probably going to include the collective bargining in the new budget, since the original one is tied up in the courts.

        1. “They are worried but thats ok as long they get passed what the people voted for them to do in November. If we would lose the control of the senate at least the main work will be done.”

          Do you realize just how ridiculous that sounds, Nota?!

          If [the Republicans] were actually doing “…what the people voted for them to do in November”, why are they so “worried” now about losing control of the Senate that they have to try to rush all of these bills through?

          Moreover, “if [you]…lose control of the senate [sic]…” wouldn’t that pretty much negate your original premise that what they’re doing now is “…what the people voted for them to do in November”?

          Nota, I bet that you were one of the throngs of Republicans/”conservatives”/Koch brothers-manipulated teabaggers/wingnuts who were screaming/whining/”fill in the blank” in 2010 about how the Democrats in Congress were [what was that catch phrase that kept getting used? Oh, yeah…] “cramming this bill [the Affordable Care Act] down our throats [always got a kick out of that ironic use of homoerotic, not to mention, violent imagery].

          I guess, in your hyper-partisan world, cramming things down people’s throats is fine just as long as you agree with the “thing”, huh?

          This is bullsh*t, and you know it.

          If the Democrats were doing this, you would be losing your mind, and you know THAT, too.

          I think that it’s high time that we hung a “Partisan Hypocrite” sign around your neck, Nota, unless you’re willing to admit that this…is…bullsh*t.

          Can you do that, Nota?

          Does your credibility matter to you at all?

    2. “. . .and there will be No Left Turns Allowed.”

      Well, NLT, sorry to hear that. We’re gonna miss ya.

    3. “. . .and there will be No Left Turns Allowed.”

      Hmmmmm, sounds kinda tyrannical, NLT.

      Did ya clear that with “Tyranny Watch” Office over at Teabagger Central before you posted it?

  7. No Left Turns, enjoy your wingnut wet dream while it lasts. July 12th is just around the corner.

    Silent majority, huh? (*laughing*)

    Where exactly was your “silent majority” when the Republicans were trying to get signatures on petitions to recall the Fab 14?

    “Silent” isn’t the word for your fictional “majority”, No Left Turns, non-existent is.

    Hope you can handle disappointment. Better start practicing your “left turns”.

    One last thing. Tell the driver of that bus to turn that. . .DAMN [right]. . .turn signal off. It’s been on for almost six months now, and it’s driving everybody crazy.

  8. The silent majority is such a silly talking point…who came up with that anyway? was it scooter jensen?

    20 people show up at a “tea party” and its a huge deal …150,000 people show up at the capitol and everyone else is the silent majority. Whats really funny is that Tim Phillips bet on Sarah palin coming here to turn the tide and no one cared. That showed the “tea party’s” hand, and its not very strong.

    1. When someone uses the term, “Silent Majority”, you know that they’re afraid of what’s to come, and just looking for a way, any way, to feel better about it.

      The country has been changing for a long time now in a way that social conservatives/Republicans/Kochian libertarians and corporatists/Birchers/Birthers/the Tea Party/etc don’t like, and they came up with the concept of the Silent Majority” as a way to cope with it, and as a means to justify their continuing pursuit of policies that the actual majority of Americans don’t want, and their opposition to policies that the actual majority of Americans do want.

      No matter what ever happens in America, the concept of the “Silent Majority” is a fiction which allows them to hold their heads high, just as No Left Turns was trying to do, while denying reality, just as No Left Turns was doing, and trying to take the country back to a “Leave It To Beaver”, black and white TV, 1950s kind of America.

      Sad, really. . .and delusional. . .

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