Nearly half of signatures collected by Republican-backed recall efforts collected by out of staters

Color me unsurprised by this…

According to a Republican Party campaign finance statement filed last month, the party spent $92,000 on a Colorado firm, Kennedy Enterprises, to provide staffing for several recall campaigns. On its website, Kennedy Enterprises lists circulating petitions as one of the services it provides.

A Journal Sentinel spot check of Hansen recall signatures found that more than 150 of the 200 pages of signatures checked were circulated by people with out-of-state addresses.

But recall organizer David Vander Leest said the true proportion of signatures collected by out-of-staters was closer to 50%. And the Democratic analysis backed him up.

So while the folks attempting to recall the 8 Republican State Senators who voted in lockstep with Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union budget “repair” bill were Wisconsinites who were outraged at what’s been happening here in Wisconsin, those folks trying to recall the Democratic State Senators who stood up for Wisconsin’s public employees had to rely on paid out-of-state mercenaries to do their dirty work.


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14 thoughts on “Nearly half of signatures collected by Republican-backed recall efforts collected by out of staters

  1. As long as the people who signed were in Hansens district that is all that matters. The voters of Wisconsin were shocked when the 14 fleebaggers ran away from their jobs and the people of Wisconsin. So it does not matter who did the leg work to get the petitions signed what matter is that the people of Wisconsin have spoken that the fleebaggers are not going to get away with out.

    1. “Fleebaggers”, Nota? Come on, dude.

      You’re slipping back into your old, bad, demagoguing ways, and that is just going to marginalize you, again.

  2. the dolt collecting signatures against Sen. Hanson outside of our polling place had an accent of some kind. He didn’t even know how to say Sobieski. Needless to say, most voters just walked on by.

      1. Locke, your point is valid…but since parts of our state are relatively uniform shall we say in cultural make up, an unusual accent would stand out.

      2. I don’t think they’re saying that people with an accent cannot get involved in politics. To me – they were emphasizing how they were actually unfamiliar with the area since hey likely were a part of a company. A lot of them I know were actually kind people who were making a living, but were actually unaware of what they were really doing because they just wanted to get people to sign.

        I’m sure you you read on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Website or on this blog that there was a person who was on Tribal Land collecting signatures saying it was for Recalling Cowles, Recalling Scott Walker, Saving our schools, or keeping our rights as a tribe. I have fairly reliable sources (including myself) from around the tribe there were people with the Recall Hansen up towards the One Stop. The only reason I figured out is that it was not for Recalling Cowles like they said is because they had a different set up. The Recall Cowles sheet had you print and sign your name. This didn’t.

        There isn’t anything inherently dishonorable about getting paid for signatures, however there’s always a risk that people can see easy money.

  3. A cursory reading of recall signature sheets on line showed many sheets where the gatherer did not complete the form with required street address and state- left those sections blank- Does that disqualify the 10 signatures on those pages? Seems like it should since the person signing was could have been totally unaware of the gather’s residency out of state.
    Does any know if this incomplete form is disqualified? I know that the people signing my referendum sheets in Ohio are interested in knowing I am an Ohioan too.

  4. Palli,

    I believe the lack of required street address and state of the circulator is grounds for disqualifying the entire sheet.

    This sure as hell ought to be challenged.

    The GOP would have to try to rehabilitate the sheets with affidavits from the circulators, and on the strength of this enterprise the Gov Acct Baoard would rule on allowing/disallowing the signatures in the sheet.

    1. Why the anger? None of this matters. There will be no changes. Each side has its supporters so entrenched that nothing is budging. There will be no changes as a result of the recall elections.

      1. No Left Turns – Your “pedal to the metal” comments are always entertaining.

        You’re “all hat and no cattle”, as they say.

        Dude, you unfortunately let your ideology, your ego and your rank partisanship, but not objective facts, inform EVERYTHING that you say.

        What you’ve said here reminds me of my daughter, at the age of 3, singing softly in the dark, trying to tamp down her fear of the dark unknown surrounding her bed at night.

        Change is coming, No Left Turns, and no amount of wingnut, “whistling in the dark”, wishful thinking or macho chest-thumping is going to change that.

        I should thank you, though. It’s arrogant, tunnel-visioned, partisan mindsets like yours that led to the Great Republican Overreach of 2011.

        We should talk on July 13th, huh?

        In the meantime, if they bring you solace, enjoy your wingnut wet dreams while they last.

  5. Palli,

    I think Michael is correct on the disqualification if the forms are turned in with incomplete information.

    But in Wiscionsin, I don’t believe the bottom circulator portion needs to be completed until they are being turned in…so the signer wouldn’t know the background of the circulator unless they asked.

  6. Michael and Ed, weren’t the recall petition forms I read posted on GAB website officially turned in?

  7. FROM:
    The following errors are noted for the Hanse recall petitions:
    536 sheets with 2 different municipalities listed for circulator from different handwriting
    560 sheets with Incomplete circulator address (this is what I quickly noticed)
    Since there are as many as 10 signatures per sheet, it seems to me a great many signatures should be invalid. (and a lot of republican money wasted?)
    In addition there are 176 circular dates that are missing or incorrect.

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