Can someone tell me where Randy Hopper lives?!?

According to a recent announcement, Republican State Senator Randy Hopper, who faces a tough recall election against Democrat Jessica King, is holding a fundraiser this Thursday, June 23, at the “Home of State Senator Randy Hopper.” The announcement lists Hopper’s home address as N6429 Danny Lane in Fond du Lac, but according to property records (see below), something sure seems fishy about that address.

According to the Fond du Lac County Land Records System, the property located at N6429 Danny Lane in Fond du Lac is listed as being owned by Victoria A. Sadoff, and no record of any sale of the property is available with Fond du Lac County. The property’s deed remains in Victoria Sadoff’s name, and according to a clerk any property sale is posted almost immediately, so unless Randy Hopper bought the property at N6429 Danny Lane in the past four days, it certainly would appear he’s crashing at someone else’s house and calling it home.

Here’s some additional information on Randy Hopper’s “home,” courtesy of the Fond du Lac County Register of Deeds:

2011.06.21 Fond Du Lac Deed

As I’ve asked time and time again, exactly where does State Sen. Randy Hopper live?


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23 thoughts on “Can someone tell me where Randy Hopper lives?!?

  1. According to Wigderson he still lives with his young state worker who got a raise for no reason girlfriend valerie cass –

    Here in Wisconsin we have our own scandal involving a politician too-appropriately named, State Senator Randy Hopper (R). Hopper has the misfortune of facing a recall election at the same time he left his wife for a live-in girlfriend

    And if anyone is in “the know” its wigderson

  2. Maybe Mr. Hopper lives in the basement like Mr. Romney. (Though not like Walter Mosley’s The Man in the Basement book.) I hope Randy locates the bathrooms before the guests arrive and throws some dirty jockey shorts around a bedroom for effect.

  3. Yes, his life is messy and it seems that he moves around quite a bit.
    However, you might have overlooked the obvious. If he’s going through a divorce, he’s probably renting. Or at least putting up a “renting front”.

  4. A while back when these questions first came up about him not living at his Wife’s home on Reinzi Rd. & possibly “living” in Madison he made a comment, I believe it was the the FDL Reporter, that he was living in an apartment at the home of a co-worker & the Sheriff/Chief of Police knew where it was. This makes sense as I also recall there being discussions about it being a large home on the ledge… so all of this does jive and make sense to me.

    So no, Randy has not bought another home. His assets very well may be frozen b/c he is in the process of divorce and still is part owner of the place his wife and family live on Reinzi. I don’t know that, but it’s not that far out of the question. I also don’t think he’s trying to do something overtly shady or “illegal” with respect to his living situation.

    However, what I question is whether or not there is a lease he signed, or is paying rent at this new place, to determine if he truly does live in the 18th district and not in Madison. I also want to know why his voting address is still listed at his old home, even though he has not lived or maintained a permanent residence there for a long time. Didn’t want to change your polling place? Oh, but now we’re within the 28 day window to the primary (Do’h!) What’s his drivers license say? Does his wife say he still gets mail at their home? There are things I wonder about because if my Senator is being shady here… I have some questions about what else he’s being shady with.

  5. The GAB site
    as today has Hopper at: W5192 RIENZI RD.

    Hopper, Randal B 01/23/1966

    Voting fraud?

    Hopper’s Voting History

    4/5/2011 2011 SPRING ELECTION At Polls
    2/15/2011 2011 SPRING PRIMARY At Polls
    11/2/2010 2010 GENERAL ELECTION At Polls
    9/14/2010 2010 PARTISAN PRIMARY Absentee
    4/6/2010 2010 SPRING ELECTION At Polls
    4/7/2009 2009 SPRING ELECTION At Polls
    2/17/2009 2009 SPRING PRIMARY At Polls
    9/9/2008 2008 PARTISAN PRIMARY At Polls
    4/1/2008 2008 SPRING ELECTION At Polls

  6. WKOW report “Fond du Lac County records show Sen. Randy Hopper purchased a home on the eve of a scheduled, political fundraiser at the residence featuring former republican governor Tommy Thompson.”

    “Records show Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) finalized the purchase with a deed filed on June 22. Records show Hopper bought the Fond du Lac home from former owner Victoria Sadoff for $240,000. The property’s 2011 assessed value is $269,000.”

    Note: “On the eve.”

    But Hopper has not been living at W5192 RIENZI RD.

    So, why did he indicate this as his legal residence at late as April.


  7. There are a few simple questions here:

    How long has he not been living at his Reinzi Road address where his soon to be ex-wife lives?

    What was the “apartment” address talked about back in March when this first was reported? It was said to be a town of Empire residence that was owned by one of his station employees or something of the sort. It’s rumored that it was a place on Lake De Nevue just south of town and speculation amongst types here that he never really was living there. He was just living in Madison.

    Was he paying rent at this “apartment”?

    How long was he living there?

    Him buying the old Sadoff home is all fine an dandy, but it seems a bit “late in the game” of his divorce proceedings to be buying a house, especially with his finances. Why did he need to couch dive? Was he really just living in Madison anyway?

    What will his voting address be come July 12th and August 9th? His Reinzi Rd address? Does he still co-own this with his wife? How does this work?

    Does this show some pretty major flaws in Voter ID & proving you live where you live in Wisconsin (Answer: Absolutely)

  8. How many of you went through a divorce? Of those who have, how many remained living with your future ex spouse?? I know that I sure as heck wouldn’t want to live with my soon to be ex!! And if he got a divorce — who cares! Divorce happens for so many reasons — give the guy a break.

    1. Emily, I’ll admit that I’ve never been through a divorce, but then again, I’ve also never been unfaithful to my wife, as Randy Hopper was.

      If you think Randy Hopper deserves a break then so be it, but I think he’s despicable.

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