Sarah Palin’s “Rolling Blunder” bus tour off to a rocky start

Former half-term Alaska Governor (and losing Republican Vice Presidential candidate) Sarah Palin’s “Rolling Blunder” bus tour has begun, and it’s already off to a rocky start, as Palin hasn’t released anything in the way of an itinerary for her bus tour, causing confusion and discontent among Palin’s supporters, not to mention GOP insiders:

CNN reported Monday that some of Palin’s supporters had already started to gather midday at Gettysburg in hopes that she might be on her way. But by then, Palin’s bus was rolling into Mount Vernon instead.

Asked by POLITICO about Palin’s bus tour, which included stops in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason said, “I have had no contact. I question the value of the ‘theater’ by some candidates.”

Here’s Palin’s “explanation” for her refusal to announce any of the stops on her bus tour prior to actually making those stops.

It should be plainly obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that Sarah Palin is definitely not running for president in 2012, and this bus tour of her just underscores the fact that Sarah Palin is less concerned about serving as president than she is with enriching herself and keeping her name “out there.”


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7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s “Rolling Blunder” bus tour off to a rocky start

  1. Maybe she’s afraid she’ll get the Madison treatment. We had less than 48 hours notice here and managed to outnumber those dumbbells five to one.

  2. Oh look another post of mine has been denied by the socialist Nazis who run this blog. This is why progressives must never be the majority they will silence free speech and just turn us into another brown shirt nation. Liberalism is a mental disorder and this blog proves it daily.

    1. You always add so much to the conversation.

      Is it your goal to see how many insults you can fit into three sentences?

      You should try a little harder to actually engage others in a dialog without resorting to your standard list of insults.

  3. Oh thats funny the post I had that was discussion to this article gets deleted so then I make a post that i know you would post to make a point…now do you care to explain why my origianl post was denied.

  4. Gee, it’s somehow wrong for a private citizen to take their family on a traveling vacation ? If the media was not so obsessed with using Palin to sell newspapers, magazines, and gain viewership, this would be a non-story.

    1. Randy, is Sarah Palin paying for the trip out of her own pockets or is her PAC paying for the trip? If the PAC is paying for the trip, then yes, it’s likely she’s violating FEC laws regarding what PAC funds can be used for.

      What’s more, how many “private citizens” do you know that take their families on traveling vacations in a tour bus? The fact is, Sarah Palin isn’t a “private citizen;” she’s a public figure.

  5. Nice try Randy, unless it’s snark, in which case, good one! I certainly make a point of getting a bus like that for all my family vacations, wouldn’t want to draw attention you know.

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