Could Scott Walker be Obama’s WI secret weapon in 2012?

Despite approval ratings on the upswing after U.S. military forces killed Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012 is far from a sure thing, but President Obama may have some secret weapons to aid in his reelection fight in 2012 – Republican governors like Florida Governor Rick Scott and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, both of whom have seen their approval ratings plummet in the face of the far-right, anti-union, anti-education, anti-middle class agendas both governors have pushed since being inaugurated earlier this year.

In Florida, Gov. Scott’s approval rating stands at a dismal 29 percent, while his disapproval rating stands at 57 percent, and here in Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s approval rating stands at just 43 percent while his disapproval rating stands at 57 percent.

No doubt Govs. Scott and Walker can thank their slumping approval ratings on their remarkably similar legislative priorities, including drastic cuts to public education, attacks on public employees and their ability to collectively bargain, and a rejection of federal high-speed rail funding, just to name a few. Almost single-handedly, both governors have energized Democrats/progressives/liberals who had been demoralized by the Republican wave in the 2010 midterm elections, and here in Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s unpopularity – as well as the unpopularity of his efforts to take away collective bargaining for public employees – could well serve as President Obama’s “secret weapon” heading into 2012. In 2011, Gov. Walker has succeeded in doing what Democrats failed to some extent to do in 2010 – energized the Democratic base in a big way – and that energized base could well be the difference in a state that has been a true swing state in presidential elections prior to 2008.


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6 thoughts on “Could Scott Walker be Obama’s WI secret weapon in 2012?

  1. Better yet, Obama will be starting to campaign in primaries about the time the Walker recall election is held. That should generate some interest.

  2. Don’t forget Ohio Governor John Kasich and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. This quartet of swing state Freshmen Governors are all watching their approval ratings plummet. Kasich will likely receive a major blow in November when the people repeal SB5.

  3. As much as I oppose many Republican agendas, the drug test thing is common sense to me. Companies drug test for jobs all the time. Drugs are a huge problem. Why would anyone have issue with a harmless drug test to prevent giving out money to people that will merely use it for a drug addiction.

    I suppose the real parallel here is cigarettes. This assistance should not be used for cigarette money either, and I’ve seen families that have hard times yet still manage to spend thousands of dollars on cigarettes a year. It is saddening. If assistance needs to go to a non-addict that can then assist the family, that seems pretty reasonable to me. So while I would still not vote Republican due to many other nasty agendas (theocracy, anti-civil rights, anti-regulation, etc.), I applaud the drug test move.

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