Tonight’s GOP Presidential Debate will be Newterrific!

Alas, I think it is the GOP which will end up newtered.  Certainly the debate is going to be entertaining reality television like nothing Donald Trump ever envisioned.  It used to be a grand old party, but it is embracing the devil now. . .









There’s plenty to read about the debate, and about recent grumblings among the GOP about Gingrich’s successes.  Here’s a conservative chastising all sorts of GOP governors for letting this happen.  And here’s Mitt Romney’s “too little, too late” attack ad against the newterer.  Here’s the source of the picture above, from the extreme right wing Washington Times, in which they compare Newt Gingrich to Sauron the Dark LordDavid Frum also weighs in about how Newt is the disaster the GOP has been building to for a long time.  For once Mitt Romney, the man so embarrassed by his wealth that he he makes his earlier flip flops appear the epitome of stability, is right, that Newt Gingrich is “highly erratic.”   

The real problem for the GOP?  The nationwide numbers show Gingrich is closing rapidly on Romney, and the Florida numbers are showing a Gingrich win by nearly the double digits with which he took South Carolina.  Oh the HUMOR!!!!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, all is “No Drama Obama,” which should be just fine for the next ten months.


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