First Open Records Request That Wisconsin Media Needs To File On Monday.

After another blatant attempt to hide their intentions and activities by trashing the Wisconsin Open Records laws, the GOP legislators are walking it back…originally it wasn’t totally apparent whether they were ‘changing’ it or totally removing it. Reports had quoted a variety of electeds following either path, but now according to the Wisconsin State Journal, it looks as though that provision will be removed from the budget bill entirely!

So what should the Wisconsin media do first thing Monday morning? File an open record request for all information and work product relating to the insertion of this despicable amendment to the state budget.


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8 thoughts on “First Open Records Request That Wisconsin Media Needs To File On Monday.

  1. I think they will be aggressive in following up on this. All kinds of reporters, right and left, were digging into this over the past 48 hours, if Twitter is any evidence.

    Something stinks, and I have to believe someone will figure out what was happening here.

  2. For Walker to take this risky action of not only denying access to public records but to include that staff and former employees would have been forbidden from any expression relative to governmental issues suggests that Walker perceives someone that has a connection to him in any of his elected offices who is a threat to his presidential aspirations. Someone must be willing to go public and one has to wonder if something in the John Does is about to surface or there is far more to the WEDC corruption that Walker is trying to keep hidden. We know that he is fighting access to records from his office but there must be a request or a record that he wants desperately to avoid.

  3. Amen, Ed!!

    You have asked the most important question that needs answering–and I do feel that the answer will be forthcoming. Might I also add for those who read comments that I think it still prudent to contact the people running the clown car as co-chairs of Joint finance who need your phone call this weekend to MAKE SURE this piece of rot is truly removed from the budget.
    State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) 608-266-5830
    State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette) 608-266-2343

    As a former administrative assistant to a state legislator fro a decade I can attest to things that are placed in the budget process at the end. But things added were always for someone else–another liquor license for a certain municipality, extra schools aids, etc. NEVER have I witnessed such underhanded, self-serving language as that which would preclude the citizens of this state from open records!

    So, thank you Ed, for making it clear we need to know who promoted this language and then we need to verbally tar him or her to make it clear this can never–must never–be tried again.

  4. I’m guessing it will be the Center for Media and Democracy. Or Shepherd Express. You know, the big dogs. Maybe Lakeland Times, based on that editorial.
    MJS will let someone else do the heavy lifting.

    1. Don’t be too sure on this one…the MJS had their editorial against the amendment on page 1 above the fold this morning. Even they know when they are under attack.

      1. Could be, but why make an open records request and antagonize those you’ve been making excuses for all these years, when you can assume someone else will do it for you?
        Remember, it wasn’t the MJS that uncovered the loss of the Wisconsin Idea, it was the Center for Media and Democracy. And the Shepherd Express was tracking Walker’s travel during his first term; MJS waited until the travel was obvious (as in running for Pres).
        I hope you’re right. I hope they do the right thing and investigate the hell out of this.

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