Wisconsin Congressmen Not Doing Their Jobs

Remember all of the ballyhoo by the GOP about not having a seat at the table during the closed door impeachment depositions? And a group of them forcing their way into the secure location? You should, it only happened a few weeks ago.

And remember how it was reported that 47 Republicans did in fact have a seat at the table but often didn’t show up? Or that some of those who did below in the meetings were part of the group who stormed the room??

Well, apparently Wisconsin GOP Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner and Glenn Grothman have seats at the table but don’t bother to attend.

An analysis of the 15 closed-door deposition transcripts that have been released by House lawmakers show that Sensenbrenner, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, wasn’t listed as present at any of those proceedings. Grothman, who sits on the Oversight and Reform Committee, was listed as present at just one, the testimony of William Taylor, acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, on Oct. 22. 

Grothman and Sensenbrenner have both broadly criticized the impeachment proceedings. 

OK…so Rep. Sensenbrenner isn’t running for re-election…so he doesn’t really give a shit. And Rep. Grothman is bat shit crazy and thinks he’s making a statement. But he’s just flat out not doing his job…time to vote him out…even if it means another Republican, which is probably does, he’s got to go.


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