David VanderLeest brings the crazy (VIDEO)

From the fine folks at PolitiScoop comes an exclusive interview with Republican State Senate candidate David “domestic violence” VanderLeest, the lone Republican to challenge incumbent Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen.

Here’s Part 1 of the interview:

And here’s Part 2:

You can read more about the David VanderLeest crazy train over at PolitiScoop, and trust me, it’s worth clicking the link.


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5 thoughts on “David VanderLeest brings the crazy (VIDEO)

  1. Let’s see:

    1) Constantly refers to himself in the 3rd person.
    2) Thinks he’s not guilty of domestic violence, despite his guilty plea, because there was “no damaged property” and because the DA is ignorant of the law.
    3) Reading his court filings and press releases leads us to believe he’s borderline illiterate.

    Regardless of party and the politics of it all, I worry for this guy’s mental health and hope he has people around him who care for him enough to get him some help.

  2. He’s got that typical abuser “rape face”….

    “I’m a member of the Brown County Republican Party….of Brown County…”.

    Uh…yeah dude…the true facts have come out there and I don’t take too kindly to abusers like YOU!


  3. He shook Walkers hand one time and got a picture with him and his girlfriend! The repugs don’t want nothing to do with him!! This is up there with the faux Koch call! Thank you PolitiScoop…you always make my day!
    (and I only just started watching the 1st video!)

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