David VanderLeest’s victim speaks out

From the fine folks over at PolitiScoop comes yet another breaking news story regarding Republican State Senate candidate David VanderLeest, the lone Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen, who is facing a recall election next week.

Here’s a snippet from PolitiScoop’s interview with Rachel Gerritsen, VanderLeest’s ex-wife and the victim of his multiple domestic violence-related convictions (emphasis mine).

Today I had the opportunity to speak to Rachel Gerritsen, the former wife of David VanderLeest. VanderLeest is challenging Senator Dave Hansen in the 30th district recall election. I spoke to Rachel by phone and you can listen to the audio of the interview here. Below you can read the transcript. Rachel states that she is still living in fear of VanderLeest. Despite this Rachel was brave enough to set the record right by telling her side of the story.

Significant information came to light in this interview. Rachel countered the claim made by VanderLeest in many press statements that she willingly and freely recanted the domestic violence statement included in the police records. Rachel claims that VanderLeest wrote the statements and she signed them “to get back to my son”. Although Rachel didn’t directly say, if you listen to her words carefully, it appears her son has been used as a pawn in an abusive game that VanderLeest has been playing for years.

Rachel also spoke of VanderLeest’s inability to handle his own finances, his inability to pay his taxes or to provide adequately for her son by buying him basics like shoes or even by providing a stove in his apartment so he is able to cook his son dinner.

Go read the rest of the interview….you won’t be disappointed!


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