Don Pridemore must think puppy mills create jobs

Republican State Rep. Don Pridemore is focused on creating jobs in Wisconsin.

In fact, Rep. Pridemore is so focused on creating jobs here in Wisconsin that he wants to loosen laws put into place in 2009 to eliminate “puppy mills” where dogs live in abusive and neglectful conditions. Under Pridemore’s legislation, the number of dogs that may be sold by breeders without licenses in a given year would be raised from 25 to 100, but curiously I found no mention of the number of jobs that would be created by his legislation.

I find puppy mills to be a revolting way to raise dogs, and I’m disappointed (but not surprised) that a lawmaker wants to make it easier for puppy mills to operate in Wisconsin.


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7 thoughts on “Don Pridemore must think puppy mills create jobs

  1. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, called it “unfortunate” that Pridemore would try to change the regulations when “the ink is barely dry on the law.” He accused the GOP lawmaker of trying to “gut the bill completely” by changing the rules and getting rid of several inspectors.

    The bill would eliminate the need for three full-time positions, according to a co-sponsorship memo.

    This is why Minority Leader Barca NEEDs to be Majority leader Barca next year!

  2. People worked really long and hard to make a little progress on this. This is not a triviality. It MUST be stopped.
    He better do/say a helluva a lot more than “unfortunate”.

  3. I’ve seen this on a few other blogs and think it might take on a life of its own, which can only serve to highlight Puppy Mill Pridemore’s larger

  4. Oops, sorry, must have hit the wrong button. Anyway, it must serve to highlight Puppy Mill Pridemore’s larger, more destructive agenda. Call your local humane society and make sure they know about this. Most humane societies have an excellent network to help get the word out about stuff like this.

  5. I’m betting that the next idiotic idea from the repugs will be to bring back the short-handled hoe for agricultural workers.

    Of course, that will be after they establish the abortion police squad and the Center to Stop Masturbation (e.g. “every sperm is sacred….”).

    Sick is the only way to describe these sociopaths.

  6. I am outraged that the that the total # of dogs allowed to be bred in a puppy mill should be raised has come up again. The voters said no. First, if a couple of
    puppy mills who supposedly take care of their puppies should lose money – so be it.
    The important thing is you are not allowing the majority of other puppy mills get away with more cruelty and abuse that goes on on in puppy mills. Why do all these
    puppies have to be bred when there are millions of dogs in shelters who need homes?
    If someone wants a certain breed, all they have to do is find a rescue organization
    that rescues that ceertain breed they are looking for. . I love Golden Retrievers and i have always gotten my dogs from a Golden Rescue Group. Give a home to a dog aleady here. If a few puppy mills lose business because of the # of dogs they are allowed to breed, then find another business to go into. The mills out there who abuse need to be held in check. If the woman on the TMJ4 news last night has such a love for dogs to raise them, then she should be the first in line to help get homes for dogs already here.

    And secondly, how disappointing Rep. Pridemore that you are elected to office and are not able to figure out that if a couple of puppy mills operators just don’t make enough profit and want the total raised that you will be giving more leeway to the abusive puppy mill owners to breed more sickly puppies, then they already are,. This is just basic common sense. Save the dogs already out there instead of adding to the numerous dogs who will be euthanized or sent to research laboratories because there are not enough homes out there to accomodate the growing dog population. Why didn’t the fact that all the blatant abuse and cruelty of the majority of puppy mills that will be able to turn out more sick puppies and continue to impregnate female dogs continually till they can hardly walk or lift their head effect you at all? Did you not at all consider just what you are suggesting by raising the number?

  7. Rep Don Pridemore should be forced to go out on every puppy mill raid and witness first hand the sickening cruelty of these hell holes for dogs. Maybe he should spend a week in a cramped cage with no chance to walk outside, relieve him self ouside of his cage and go without good food or water. I bet he would quickly change his mind about condoning these places. How much money did he get for proposing to change the amendment?

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