Joe Sanfelippo can be the change he seeks

Earlier today Yesterday Milwaukee County Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr. released a statement regarding the proposal by Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo to turn the County Board into a part-time body.

Here’s Biddle’s statement:

“Clearly, my esteemed colleague, Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo, is a comedian. His proposal for a part-time County Board is a joke. I work hard to represent the diverse needs of the 10th District. I serve with pride and take the responsibilities seriously. It’s a round-the-clock job. That’s why I attend a large number of community meetings and events. Many of these occur on the evenings and weekends.

“Supervisor Sanfelippo’s resolution would undermine efforts to serve the constituents who need us most.

It takes passion to serve constituents well. I am keeping the promises I made when I put my hand on the Bible and took the oath of office. Blood, sweat and tears are all in a day’s work at the County Board. It is foolish to think that righting the ship in Milwaukee County is a part-time job.

“This job is a full-time responsibility. We need effective leadership from people dedicated to doing whatever it takes to succeed. Serving in this capacity is not for individuals who only do the job halfway. We face a budget hole of more than $50 million next year. We need all hands on deck.

“Some individuals on this Board put in very little effort, but still take full-time pay and benefits from the County. Outside employment can create conflicts of interest. For instance, Supervisor Sanfelippo runs a private business. Taxpayers should know that his business, a taxicab company, has acquired County contracts to service residents through the Transit Plus program.

“This is where Supervisor Sanfelippo can ‘be the change.’ He should step up to the plate and put his wallet where his mouth is by immediately returning all but $15,000 of his annual salary since he was elected in 2008. This amounts to more than $115,000. While he’s at it, open enrollment is coming up this fall. He could opt-out of the County’s health care benefits he’s been receiving. He could also refund the money he has obtained through his taxicab contracts. There is nothing to stop him from taking these actions. I’m sure his private business would bring in more than enough income for him to sustain himself.

“It’s time we move away from the polarizing Scott Walker/Joe Sanfelippo era and instead work collaboratively to move Milwaukee County forward. Now is the time for bold, adult leadership, rather than scoring a few cheap political points.”

Ouch bro….that’s gonna leave a mark!


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4 thoughts on “Joe Sanfelippo can be the change he seeks

  1. Earlier today? That release came out yesterday. I should know, I’m on the press release list.

    So given the response from Chris and Keith, I’m gonna take the attitude from the port side of the Cheddarsphere as “Jason doesn’t want to get a real job?”

    1. Yesterday…earlier today….it all kinda blends together when you’re dealing with stuff behind the scenes.

      By the way, I see you’re still sporting the SS thunderbolts on Lakeshore Laments.

    2. “Jason doesn’t want to get a real job?”

      A hilarious quip from the 501(c)3 wingnut welfare queen.

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