Kim Simac: our public schools are comparable to Nazi Germany & cops are cowards

To say that Republican State Senate candidate Kim Simac has some extreme views would be an understatement. Back in October 2010, Simac posted some thoughts on the Patriot Action Network website (thoughts which were subsequently scrubbed from PAN’s website) in which she compared our public school system to Nazi Germany:

The scary comparisons of the indoctrination tactics of our youth today and those of the Hitler Regime of past.

I am done raising my kids but if I was a young parent today I would take my kids out of the public school system today. At what point will we stop talking about the comparisons to what is occurring today and what actually happened by the regime of the Nazi’s in the past?… Take the commercial that Glenn Beck showed from British Progressives that explains to little children that if they do not listen to their teachers recommendations on subjects such as carbon emissions, they could have their heads blown off. Add to that Kindergarten Sex Ed classes and I really wonder how it is American parents smile and kiss their children good bye every morning and in good conscience hand their most precious resource over to the hands of such questionable people.

Appearing on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51 last week Thursday, Simac confirmed the comments posted in October 2010 on the Patriot Action Network were in fact her thoughts, saying, “But do we need to be careful and guard what we’re doing? And are there similarities that seem to happen?” Simac went on to add, “I mean we can’t deny the fact that the world is changing and that we need to stand up for our American values. I don’t think that that’s a conversation that I should hide from.”

What’s next for Kim Simac? Will she call firefighters, police officers, and other public employees “mutinous cowards?” Oh wait, she already did that…

Personally, I’m of the belief that anyone who runs into a burning building or who keeps our streets safe is the antithesis of a coward, but apparently Kim Simac has a different definition of courage than I do.

H/T to Talking Points Memo.


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  1. Ms. Simac was interviewed by Glen Moberg on Route 51 on July 28th.

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