Let’s hear your election day predictions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what tomorrow is – it’s election day.

What I’d like to know is what you think is going to happen tomorrow. Will Democrats gain the three seats necessary to take control of the State Senate, or will Republicans hold on to their majority?

Let me know what you think.


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16 thoughts on “Let’s hear your election day predictions

  1. I have no predictions. I’d rather be surprised and happy to hear all the rethug recalls went through.

  2. I’d rank the likelihood of Dem wins as follows:

    1. Shilling
    2. King
    3. Clark
    4. Pasch
    5. Nusbaum
    6. Moore

    I’m confident at least 1-4 will win, and there’s an outside chance we’ll sweep.

    1. I’d put the order of likelihood as follows:

      1. Shilling
      2. Clark
      3. Nusbaum
      4. King
      5. Pasch
      6. Moore

      Then again, I’m not an expert so I’m probably way off.

  3. I predict more frequent use of frivolous recalls such as this, being used against the intended purpose. Where will it all end in the new perpetual election cycle in Wisconsin? Sad.

    1. It will end when foaming-at-the-mouth Tea Party pinheads like you are thrown off the public stage in favor of rational, even-tempered political discourse.

    2. Most likely it will end when knuckle dragging tea baggers stop their quest to destroy first the President and second (and your doing a great job here) when you destroy the economy once and for all.

      The financial crisis is a demonic creation of the fringe right wing such as you.

  4. I was just in the hill country and Shilling signs outnumber Kapanke’s. There are still too many people who are voting Republican by reflex but some are upset at Walker’s tactics and think he was stupid to take the unions on. The Republican middle that dislikes Walker’s dishonesty may stay home. The stock market crash may have happened too late to wake up the automatic pilot Republicans, but I think it may help the Dems tomorrow. Even the most loyal traditional Republican has to start to wonder what happened to their party now the Tea Party is in power. Overall, when it is all over we win three seats and take control of the Senate, but I think it will be close. Then the Senate Dems have to stick together and fight for the people.

  5. I set the line at Dems -3.5 a couple of weeks ago, and I still think the Dems can cover. I think Clark and Pasch have a good chance to win it, because both beat their opponents in the ‘could I live with this person winning?’ question.
    Lot of crazy subterfuge going on, though. I’ll be watching and observing the polls tomorrow, and LET’S MAKE HISTORY!

  6. I hope I was wrong, but I put it at +2 for the (D)s total when the papers were filed. Honestly, I never envisioned the closeness (is that a word?) of the polls at this point.

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