5 thoughts on “Rick Perry’s extremist “God squad”

  1. Another gaggle of raving paranoics. More cheap perception drugs, ala Kim Simac, are definitely needed.

    Think about it this way.

    If you walked into a psychiatrists office and told her that you were certain that the Japanese stock market was down because the Emperor had sex with the Sun Goddess, that Oprah Winfrey is one of the forerunners of the Harlot Movement that will prepare nations for the coming of the anti-christ, and the Statue of Liberty is a demonic symbol, you would likely be very displeased with the notes she would jot down in your medical record.

    Maybe we should let Rick Perry and Texas secede from the union?

  2. The religious supporters of Rick Perry should scare us all, but look at all the other candidates. Are their religious views any more comforting? Name one candidate that does not use superstitious, non-rational belief in their God to gain favor? God Bless America!

  3. The Democrats of 2011 are the Jews of 1940. That’s is what is happening to this country. History always repeats itself.

  4. . . .

    I don’t even know if the conservatives know what they’re doing by pushing further right, but pushing more extreme to either side tends to have horrible results. The change I seen in this country from being a child to now, makes me feel uneasy.

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