So about that tea party rally in “Milwaukee”

On Saturday the Tea Party Express rolled into Milwaukee for a rally.

The only problem?

The rally wasn’t held in the City of Milwaukee, and for that matter it wasn’t even held in Milwaukee County.

You see, when the folks from the Tea Party Express say they’re holding a rally in Milwaukee, what they really mean is they’re holding a rally at a park in the village of Thiensville, which is located in Ozaukee County. After all, what sense would it make to hold a Milwaukee rally in Milwaukee?

I’ve got my own theory on why the Tea Party Express chose to hold their “Milwaukee” rally outside of Milwaukee, but I’d like to hear what you think. What’s your opinion on why the Tea Party Express avoided Milwaukee like the plague and held their “Milwaukee” rally in a village that isn’t even located in Milwaukee County?

Oh, and if you’d like to read more about the Tea Party rally held in “Milwaukee” this weekend, Lisa Mux from the Waukesha Wonk blog has a great writeup over at her blog.


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8 thoughts on “So about that tea party rally in “Milwaukee”

  1. I think the rally was held at Thiensville Village Park so the puppet masters could watch through binocs from their perch at North Shore Country Club barely a mile away.

  2. Hey dimwits, the rally was to show support for Alberta Darling, and guess what…Thiensville is in her district.

    1. Hey dimwit….what part of Thiensville is in Milwaukee, either the city or county of?

      Maybe you don’t see the disconnect, but it seems to be kinda odd to say you’re holding a rally in Milwaukee if you’re not actually holding it in Milwaukee.

  3. My theory is that they advertised publicly that the rally would be held in one location, but they privately e-mailed their members that the rally would actually be held elsewhere so that protestors wouldn’t show up.

  4. Why aren’t the democrats using RED? They used to be red. Communists are red. The old USSR has a red flag, so does China. I bet it has something to do with the old saying, ‘Better Dead than Red’. I know their motto is ‘(Just)Better Red’. I don’t understand why the dems like socialism so much. All the rich Hollywood types will have to give up a bunch of their money…communism won’t work with human beings…what’s the big draw?

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