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  1. I think Kim Simac is a dangerous person. I don’t think she’s a joke at all. I hope she gets her ass handed to her but lately I’ve felt less sure about that.
    Often these “charges of campaign problems would take the wind outta some of the sails of a normal candidate. But If I understand her supporters, I think I’m starting to, it will actually feed into their persecution/enemy-among-us world view and vindicate the most extreme of their views.
    The Bachmann win of the straw poll seems to say (to me anyway) that the mood for a Simac win is definitely out there. I also find the Tea party use of females as front men particularly heinous. Thee are true believers, yes, but they are only making the small decisions (I dunno like what to wear and how many face-lifts to have) and you know the Boys are making the big decisions in the backroom. Ooooh these ditsy females. ha hahah
    mmm hmmm sure.

    There was a substantive write-up by a blogger on Monologues of Dissent but for some reason I am not able to comment there. But, I also think her words were somewhat measured (in spite of the tone of warning and alarm that lurked within the post) and if I was talking to friends I would certainly go a lot farther in my descriptions of Simac’s extremism and vengeful lack of tolerance. She puts the “I” in ideologue, and if elected, She’d make Walker look like a Statesman.
    Oh yeah.

    1. The reason why Bachmann won at the straw poll was because she had a petting zoo there and said whoever would vote for her would get tickets to a hockey game.

      If we’re technical about it, Ron Paul honestly won. At least he has followers in his ideals, and 30% of them are pretty reasonable. And if we’re honest about the Iowa Straw Poll – usually that means jack shit. If that was the case, Ron Paul would have been President instead of George W. Bush.

      That being said, I hope she’s not put in either to be honest, just considering how she disregarded many people up there by not going to talk with the elderly when she has the meetings to do so. That is flat out disrespectful to me.

  2. I was just coming here to share that piece and I’m really happy to see it’s already out there. I think Operation Expose Kim Simac should be our main focus this weekend.

    And yes, my review was more measured than usual in the hopes that this would get some leverage with people who may actually read her books, and also b/c I haven’t actually read the “rifle my side” book – in which I child allegedly sleeps with a gun in the bed in case terrorists come in the night. She is EXTREMELY dangerous and would be perhaps the most powerful Tea Party extremist in Wiscsonsin (next to Kleefisch).

    Anyway, here’s my review:

    PS Annie, I don’t know why you couldn’t comment on that – settings look “open” to me. You can even post anonymously if you want. But thanks for reading.

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