An inauguration day open thread

It’s inauguration day here in Wisconsin, and as the expanded Republican majorities in the State Senate and Assembly get ready to start doing business, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what we can realistically expect to see from Republicans.

Is so-called “right to work” legislation certain to be passed into law? If so, will Gov. Scott Walker sign it?


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8 thoughts on “An inauguration day open thread

    1. Given what we’ve seen so far we *know* he’s probably not a Republican, John! LOL!!!

  1. I thought there might be a discussion here about the state of our state, or issues, instead of anyone actually watching the pathetic boy Walker debutantes making their national public foray into following in their dilettante father’s footsteps of never working a day in his life.

    Anyone pay to pray this morning?

  2. I’ll state upfront that I’ve never been confused with a talking head, though I like David Byrne’s music. That being said, here are five predictions regarding the State Republicans:

    1) Right to Work legislation will pass fast. It’ll be law around the ides of March.

    2) The GAB will be reformed like crazy.

    3) U.S. Supreme Court will not hear Wisconsin’s voter ID case by denying the ACLU’s petition for cert. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold the constitutionality of voter ID will stand as law.

    4) There will be a huge expansion of school choice.

    5) With Mike Tate still in charge, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will continue to flounder.

    Technically 3 and 5 are not directly related to the 2015 ambitions of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, but will contribute to the mood of both Parties throughout the year.

  3. (right-to) work-for-less and voucher school expansion are extremely likely to happen, mostly through the late Spring. There is one thing that can derail that- a massive and growing budget deficit that keeps the money from being available for extra vouchers, combined with GOP idiocy in Washington that sinks the approval of the party and limits the ability for the state to count on federal money. The first shoe to drop will be lower-than-anticipated revenues that the Legislative Fiscal Bureau will project later this month.

    Within 6 months, those of us in the decent, thinking world will be saying a whole lot of “I told you so,” as many of the apathetic people who sat out the election will be snapped into attention and disgust, along with a sizable amount of non-racist, above-ground-living Walker 2014 voters suffering major buyer’s remorse for allowing this garbage to happen. By the end of 2015 Walker and the GOP’s approval rating in Wisconsin will bear a strong relationship to Dubya Bush’s in late 2005, and sliding in the same direction. Then once Walker’s laughed out of Iowa in Winter, he becomes a Dubya-style albatross, as the corporate Wisconsin media has no more reason to put up the charade, as he stops being such a cash cow for them.

    Sadly, a lot of damage will be done to this state before these people get removed.

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