6 thoughts on “Reason #1 for Wisconsinites to Support Obama

  1. Sadly I haven’t heard a single more rational explanation for why anyone from Wisconsin should support Obama than this…

  2. It’s fascinating to me that the Obamas are the first occupants of the White House to brew their own beer. I would have thought some of the founding fathers might have been home brewers.

  3. Really Paul? Surely you follow the news and have noted that there isn’t anyone running who is smarter or as moral as Obama. Indeed, there are only a couple Republicans who boast of being above average. There’s a lot of rational reasons why one would support Obama, though he has been far from as strong a President than I’d have liked. Still, he beats the others all to heck.

  4. Intelligence isn’t a reason to vote for a President. Stupidity is a reason to vote against, I give you that, but I expect intelligence as a given. On the other hand I dont really see Obama as being any more moral than any other President. He gave up on labor within weeks of assuming the office, he hasnt lived up to his campaign promises around terrorism and civil liberties, he hasnt lived up to the economic policy he advocated in the campaign or even in office. He lacks the courage of his convictions and he refuses to fight for anything at all. I do not trust Obama to represent my family’s interests in Washington at all and since that is exactly what he campaigned on I think the morality issue remains in doubt. As for being better than the Republicans, that is damning him with faint praise Sir. He absolutely is better than the Republicans but I am not sure that means he is good enough to get my money, my volunteer hours or even my vote anymore. I have always followed politics and been interested in what our leaders do, but these days it is obvious that politics is a blood sport and after having been collateral damage in Wisconsin I refuse to support anyone who I cant trust to have my back in the future.

  5. He brews his own beer.

    The White House chefs have been brewing since

    That seems to be a fairly loose definition of ‘he.’ 🙂

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