6 thoughts on “SB5 Comes Tumbling Down in Ohio

  1. And not by a little- more like 60-40.

    See what happens when you be forceful, tell the truth, and aggressively go after Koch-infused lies? I sure hope Rove and Koch enjoyed wasting millions in the Buckeye State for that lost cause- we’ll see if they try it again here after they fall apart in the polls.

  2. This is great news, and it speaks volumes about how folks are waking up and realizing just how far Republicans have overreached.

  3. Jake you know they are going to try in Wi, irregardless of polls. they will probably plan on spending even more.

    It was a rough night for WPRI and the MacIver’s Its been a rough weel for Wisconsin Reporter all the way around.

  4. Get ready for the unemployment line folks. No mote tax dollars in Ohio to fund your jobs. The budget will be balanced on your backs. Sorry. The unemployment lines are open.

    1. No, they’ll just have to be grownups and tell Grover Norquist to kiss their ass and raise taxes on the wealthy.

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