Tonight’s GOP Teabate

I simply cannot do better than this.


For intelligent citizens, the story long ago stopped being about the freaks and cult-hustlers who have risen to the top of one of America’s two major political parties; the story is about the truly stunning depravity and pig-iron-ignorance of the millions of Pig People who put them there.

What you are witnessing is the apotheosis of the Southern Strategy crossing streams with Reaganomics. If you helped author this catastrophe, you should spend your days thanking God you haven’t been put up against the fucking wall by now.


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1 thought on “Tonight’s GOP Teabate

  1. Holy Shit Driftglass! I’m glad to be on your side!
    Karl Rove can’t even save his boy Perry now!
    Why does Texas keep on electing these phonies!?
    Texas: WHAT HAPPENED!?

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