12 thoughts on “The irony of Mitt Romney’s free subs

  1. The subs were given voluntarily, and no one was getting them to be encouraged them to vote, no matter what Mitt or Eddie said. And no one was hungry, they were all pre-well-fed, and no one became dependent on this dole.

    Has anyone spotted any right-wing cheddarsphere coverage of this? You think they’d be all over it like cigs-for-sigs or ribs-for-votes, and in the same spirit of protecting the integrity of our Constitutionally-granted process of the vote.

    1. Scrima wrote an insane screed trying to explain how this is totally different from that time his little rage monkey lied about “BBQ for votes” right up to the point where he was deposed by the DA.

  2. If you watch closely, Romney handed out $3 subs, but Mr. Ryan handed out $2 “vouchers” 🙂

  3. Anyone remember the Con-Air outrage when a woman waiting in line to sign a Recall petition was taped bumming a cigarette from someone? The resulting “Oh-My-God Democrats are bribing voters with cigarettes” faux scandal was well covered by the so-called objective media, the owners of which are fair-and-balanced donors to Republicans. No double standard operating here at all.

  4. If this had been an African American Legislator the DA would be prosecuting. Double standard.

  5. It’s illegal to hand out anything in a voter event if it’s valued over $1. They are told this every season, Paul Ryan knows the law well. Do the event without free subs. It’s not that hard.

  6. Clearly a felony under the law. Bad law? Change it. Mitt’s clueless, but Ryan ought to know better. Although he’s used to handing things out like Packer/Badger schedules and candy to people in his district who need jobs.

  7. It amazes me when the public give lawmakers “IE the people who actually MAKE the law” a pass when they break the law. Especially in the era we are in where everything is videotaped now.

  8. As others have pointed out, how many of those taking the subs were outraged when Char-LIE and Belling and company were shreiking about ‘cigs for votes’ and’ribs for votes’. Other than skin color and party that would get the vote, you tell me what’s different about ‘subs for votes.’

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