Why does Wisopinion publish this stuff?

Conservative bloggers James Wigderson and Kevin Binversie are absolutely fascinated with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Both delight in any and every reason they can find to disparage the protesters involved, whether it be a short piece on how icky head lice are, or the details of an assault that took place in Maine.

Neither of them show any particular interest in the larger questions surrounding the origins of the movement, or in the well documented incidents of police misconduct that have resulted in legitimate news stories such as the increasing criticism of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, or calls for the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.  Such things are of no concern to Wigderson and Binversie. They want to write about head lice and hammers, which they’re free to do since they both have their own blog.

But why does Wisopinion publish this kind of thing? How does it add to our understanding of the matters at hand? Are there criteria for determining which featured blog posts are included on the Wisopinion site? Should Wigderson and Binversie, or anyone else for that matter, be published no matter what they write?


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8 thoughts on “Why does Wisopinion publish this stuff?

  1. Not to mention that Wiggy took the opportunity to personally attack my fellow Waukesha blogger, Lisa Mux (aka Waukesha Wonk). They’re both frightened and ignorant and now that their “side” is losing control of the messaging in the mainstream press, they’re convinced the way to steer the discussion back in their direction is to disparage the movement with their silly little scribbling. Pay it no mind. The Times, They are a Changin’. 🙂

    1. Phil,

      I don’t expect anything different from the likes of Wiggy and that other guy. I’m just wondering why Wisopinion, which bills itself as Wisconsin’s Premiere Political News Service, would publish that kind of smear drivel.

    2. Wigderson’s post was intended to discredit me, and Mark Belling’s reading of his post on his radio show was meant to scare me.
      But implying that I am similar to the KKK because I liked and retweeted a Wigderson post about bicycles and a chili cook-off doesn’t make any sense. And it’s not very nice.
      Oh, well.

      1. And I think Jake’s analysis (below) is correct.

        (Note: no women or children were harmed by these comments. That I know of, anyway.)

  2. Because conservative writers get major affirmative action points from publications.

    Seriously, you have to be twice as good a writer to get opinions published if you’re from the left, because our media is so scared of the right-wing whine machine that they have to keep things “even” to avoid “bias”, regardless of the quality of the two sides’ arguments. So instead we don’t get a bias toward reality or quality, because righties refuse to discuss those items, but they still get half the bandwith.

  3. I think the criterion is the one that guides most publications — what will drag the most eyeballs over here????

    Unfortunately snarly rude and a little-off-the-wall drags over a lot of eyeballs.

  4. You’d Think Wisopinion wouldn’t republish PAID OPINION PIECES!

    Kevin’s always been a hack. His manta is “What’s Best For Me?”

    very shallow going through life that way!

    But he’ll drop a quarter in the Salvation Army bucket and feel great!

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