Public Sees Through the MSM Smoke

The American people aren’t buying the “both sides do it” meme being pumped out by the mainstream media.  Or the FoxNews “it’s all the Democrat Party’s (sic) fault!”

Timothy Noah at The New Republic refers to a new poll from The Pew Research Center:

…The really interesting finding is that the public does not accept the “objective” message spoon-fed by the press that both sides are equally at fault. Instead, it (accurately) assigns most of the blame to the Republican party. Forty percent say Republican leaders are more to blame, as against a mere 23 percent who say Democratic leaders are more to blame. A larger proportion blames the GOP than blame both parties (32 percent). And among independents, 38 percent say Republicans are more to blame, against 15 percent who say Democrats are. So much for the hack story line that partisanship and political games-playing is paralyzing Washington. Partisanship and political games-playing by Republicans is paralyzing Washington

Democrats in Congress are widely regarded as more cooperative, more honest & ethical, better able to manage the affairs of government and less extreme than Republicans.

What’s really important is that the “Independent” voter is more likely to vote Democratic this time around.

Now if American’s would just wise up and drive a stake through the heart of the modern GOP at the next election.


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