Walker administration cuts $900k from sex offender programs, appoints sex offense defense attorney to Circuit Court

Last week Friday, Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s administration outlined a list of cuts it would make to balance the state budget.

Among the cuts was $9.4 million in cuts to the Department of Corrections, with some of those cuts targeting the state prison system, not to mention $900,000 in cuts for programs dealing with sex offenders.

Also on Friday, Gov. Walker’s administration announced the appointment of defense attorney Jennifer Dorow to serve as a judge in Waukesha County Circuit Court. Prior to her appointment to the bench Dorow was a partner at the law firm of Huppertz & Dorow, S.C., which lists among its specialties the defense of those accused of child sex crimes, including child pornography, child solicitation,child enticement, sexual assault of a minor, and sexual exploitation of a minor.

Obviously everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense against whatever they’ve been accused of, but the appointment an attorney who specializing in the criminal defense of individuals accused of child sex offenses to the circuit court bench at the same that cuts to sex offender treatment programs are being announced certainly seems curious. No doubt if Jennifer Dorow had been appointed to the bench by a Democratic governor at the same time that governor announced cuts to sex offender treatment programs, conservatives would be outraged….and yet, I have not found a single conservative who’s outraged in this case only one conservative that I came across has expressed concern about Dorow’s appointment. Admittedly, I don’t read every conservative blog in the Cheddarsphere, but I haven’t noticed much of an outcry over this appointment.

Uppity Wisconsin has more on this story.


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4 thoughts on “Walker administration cuts $900k from sex offender programs, appoints sex offense defense attorney to Circuit Court

    1. Jimspice,

      Not everyone who is accused is guilty. Whether we like her or not, some of Dorows clients may be innocent.

      We should let the jury decide who is, and who is not, a “perve. “

      1. I agree wholeheartedly. I have three fears: moths, grizzly bears and being wrongly accused of a crime. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of conservatives running the he-got-a-child-abuser-out-of-jail type political ads and then appointing just such a person to the bench.

        1. And I agree with what you’re saying.

          The Gableman campaign stands as a low watermark in the history of Wisconsin elections.

          I absolutely abhor the ” soft on sex offenders” smear in political campaigns.

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