Gingrich Attack Video Against Romney

I haven’t had the patience to watch the full 30 minute video yet, but this video “When Mitt Romney came to town” from a Gingrich supporting Super PAC – Winning Our Future looks at the destruction of 4 companies by Mitt and Bain Capital.

Some quotes from what I did watch…
“Romney, his mission to reap massive rewards for himself and for his investors…”
“The deal left behind a trail of wreckage…”
“Creative destruction does enhance productivity”
“Mitt Romney and Bain saw a 900% return on their investment”

Here’s the trailer for the full video:

As Rick Perry said – Vulture Capitalism…a term that I think will stick when it comes to describing Mitt Romney’s job creating claims about his time at Bain Capital.



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9 thoughts on “Gingrich Attack Video Against Romney

  1. This is a great “ad” or “trailer” (whatever they’re calling it) that shows just how much of a lie Mitt Romney’s claim to be a “job creator” really is.

    And hey….thanks to Republicans for doing the dirty work for the Obama reelection campaign!

  2. I have not looked into it yet, but I bet when I do I will find that the four companies he supposedly destroyed had already done a proper job destroying themselves before Mitt showed up in their town. Does the left realize that companies go bankrupt. If Mitt invested in a few of them prior to their bankruptcies and subsequently turned them around, he probably had to fire some people in the process to make them profitable. That is better than ALL of the workers losing their jobs.

    If the left had been running things during the last century we would still have a number of buggy whip factories.

  3. Hey,
    I’m a capitalist, I own stock, I work in business, I have an MBA and yet I don’t believe in “vulture capitalism” as Rick Perry says. If you squeeze the juice out of any company you can get the money, gut the company and dump the people. This is what Bain and their ilk are all about. I’m all for reinvesting, reinventing, replacing, reinvigorating American businesses and yes sometimes this does mean that you have to fire some people, but it doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy it or to make this the prime way that you go about making money for yourself.

  4. Does anyone really believe an honest businessman, like Mitt, is excited about laying people off, sending people home, and not succeeding in a business acquisition or investment? NO!! He tried to help these companies and prolonged their business, but, ultimately, if a business isn’t working, you need to close up shop and try again somewhere else. Romney is FOR businesses big or small (that work). That’s part of capitalism and a free market.
    Since when doe the American people attack those who succeed at realizing the American Dream? This is just Newt showing how jealous he is and trying to cover up the fact that he’s not as moral as Mitt.
    But overall, I think attacking Mitt early is great. This will prove to be a big success for the Republican Party as a whole! If Newt continues his juvenile rampage and wastes his money exposing the mythical “dirt” on Romney, the Obama campaign will have nothing left to use to attack Mitt; leaving him an open and easy ride into Washington. Why? Mitt will easily outdebate President Obama because he knows how to debate and win. Yeah Newt…he actually WINS debates!
    P.S. Newt was on CNN today boasting he has the best shot against Mitt Romney and is the conservative candidate that will ultimately win the nomination. Did he already forget that he finished 4th in both states so far? He argues that 3/4 of Republicans rejected Mitt in Iowa. By that same logic, 90% have rejected him in both states. Is Newt blind to that same logic??

    1. ” Mitt will easily outdebate President Obama because he knows how to debate and win.”

      He couldn’t even carry on a debate with the unwashed massed in the 3 minute clip shown above…how will he win against a well prepared orater like President Obama? Mr. Romney comes out as cool…but when he starts to get off the prepared trail, he snaps in a hurry. This video isn’t the only evidence of that…

      1. At least Governor Romney has a planned trail. If Romney gets off topic or off his path, he has a knowledgeable base to draw from; something President Obama lacks. The only plan President Obama has is to “take down Romney.” Real impressive plan.
        Orator??? President Obama isn’t a prepared orator. He’s a great reader of the script written by the puppet masters who control him.
        Orators are structured, informative, influential, or entertain. They can change the emotions of their listeners. If you want to call President Obama an “orator” go right ahead. Watching him on tv with Jay Leno or on ESPN choosing the the Final Four is “entertaining.” He does have a great ability to “change the emotions of his listeners;” by angering them with his ridiculous policies and statements that represent European socialism rather than American representation.
        Greatest quote out there right now is this: OBAMA ISN’T WORKING!

  5. Ty,

    I dont think Mitt was “excited” about laying off all of those people – I dont think he cared one way or the other about them.

    “he tried to help those companies and prolong their business” — umm no all he cared about was Mitt’s bank account. He didnt care if they survived one day after his payment or if they hired 1000 people or they laid off 100,000 as long as he made his money.

    The only intelligent thing I have ever heard Newt say was when he pointed out ” what if mitt only took 30 million instead of 90 million would the company still be in business?” which lets be honest is very disingenious because he would love to have been in Mitts spot and done the exact same thing, but it raises a serious question. Vulture capitalism is not free market capitalism. Plain and simple.

    Mitt has a percent chance of winning. As i have said before the one advanatge to Newt is if you dont agree with him – just wait a couple days.

    This video is brilliants thanks for posting it!

    1. Jeff,
      This video is a hoax. Maybe you like to see people be torn down, but half of the stories in this video are false. They twisted the truth to attempt to discredit Mitt. Check out the fact-checker response to this video by CNN. The companies went bankrupt years after Bain sold them and long after Romney had left the company. These were exaggerations of four bad business investments of companies that were already going under.
      As for Mitt have “ percent chance of winning”…well uh ask the American people about that. His favorability among Republicans and Independents is 67%. Oh and he did two things Newt couldn’t do: win debates, win elections.
      Try to be neither blind nor incompetent just because you saw a well-produced video with some creepy music full of lies about the best possible candidate this country has seen since Reagan.

      1. Reagan? Why do Republicans need to go back into their bag of historical nonsense to tout a failed actor as a great candidate and President? Reagan raised the public debt from 26% GDP in 1980 to 41% GDP by 1988 just one factor that all those who tout his wisdom should take note of while revising the reality of his history to create a gleaming winner of a President.

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