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  1. He spoke at a gathering of progressives following the 2010 DPW state convention. We got together to discuss the possibility of a progressive caucus within the DPW. Ed Garvey knows him.

  2. I happened to be near Tim John at the start of the 2010 Voces de Frontera march. He was a candidate for Governor, and I was greatly impressed with his passion for addressing the local issues of Milwaukee: poverty and unemployment, especially among the Black community. He would have made a great governor in 2010 and he would be great in 2012 in the election after the recall. Unfortunately, the party-politics and money needed make it difficult for one who is not an insider to run.

    Want a good read?– pick up Tim John’s book, The Miller Beer Barons, about the history of the Miller Brewing Company and the family history over the generations.

    Back to the original theme of poverty and unemployment of Milwaukee–

    We finally have a candidate for Mayor of Milwaukee that is worthy of support and your vote. He is Edward McDonald. Look up his web site:


    Check out his very detailed plan “Build Milwaukee” and you will be impressed. He is worthy of your support, contribution and VOTE. Unfortunately, again, the political-business insiders with their money make it difficult for any other candidate to run, so Edward McDonald needs needs your help.

    Primary election– next week– Tuesday, February 21
    Final election– Tuesday, April,2

    Edward McDonald for Mayor of the City of Milwaukee

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