Michigan Seems Like Obama’s Dream

Michigan holds its GOP primary at the end of this month, and if it were held right now it would be Mitt Romney’s nightmare.  Romney, who calls himself a “son of Detroit,” and who went to school at the elite Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has is having a tough go in the state where he claimed the auto industry should go bankrupt.  Romney trails Rick Santorum in every Michigan County except Oakland, the county where Cranbrook resides, according to the latest PPP poll.  I suppose Mitt Romney telling Detroit to go bankrupt doesn’t help, even amongst Republicans, but I dare say his doubling down in this OpEd carried in papers all over the state isn’t helping.  As noted here, Romney’s OpEd is just a miserable whine.  Average folks in Michigan can feel the auto industry reviving, and know that Romney wanted to let it fail. 

Oh sure, Rick Santorum is not much better, but he’s not Romney, and on the strength of that sterling quality Rick Santorum is finally surging, in Michigan and nationwide.  Amongst Republicans.  Santorum still loses to Obama by a long shot in head-to-head polling.  The real winner in the GOP pirmaries so far is Obama, and especially in Michigan.  No surprise there.  As CBSNews analysis notes, Rick Santorum is no longer a long shot for the GOP nomination.  Yes, the GOP is getting tired of Romney, AGAIN!  But that isn’t Obama’s dream. 

The real dream here takes note of the fact that Mitt romney still has a TON of cash on hand.  He will use that cash to strike at Santorum, bloodying Little Ricky so badly that Romney might even take Michigan, but surely Romney will be back on track for the nomination soon.  Along the way, and this is the dream here, Mitt Romney will try once again to place himself as the truest and severest of conservatives.  How?  Romney has already come out against contraceptive care in insurance plans, even though contraceptive care is wrong fiscally, as I noted here in regard to Paul Ryan betraying his own fiscal cred.  How much further will Romney go in order to “prove” he’s more severely conservative than Rick Santorum?  

The dream here is that Mitt romney will be forced to go to extremes.  Will he question not just the theory of evolution but also the theory of gravity?  Will he claim that women should head back to the kitchen and should be denied the vote?  Will he argue for shooting illegal immigrants on sight?  Perhaps not, but there’s going to be some severely conservative claims by Mitt Romney (Santorum is raising money of Romney’s clumsy phrasing) in the next couple weeks that are going to make every independent voter int he country cringe, and that’s a nice dream, for Obama.   And it isn’t just Santorum who will push R Money to the extremes.  Ron Paul is doing well in Arisona, which has its primary the same day as Michigans. 

Oh joy!  Is there enough popcorn in the world for this?  There’s an idea. . . Romney should spend his potfulls of campaign cash wisely and send free popcorn to all Americans so they can settle in and watch this disaster.  That would be the first idea he’s had to really help the economy.


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