Republican lawmakers argue to keep redistricting documents secret

Yeah, so much for Gov. Scott Walker’s talk about “open, transparent government” during his time as governor…

Republican lawmakers are trying to keep 84 documents about new election maps out of the hands of the public, even though a court last month ordered them to release a raft of records about the maps.

The Republicans argue the remaining documents – most of them emails – are subject to attorney-client privilege and should remain confidential.

After all, nothing says government transparency and openness like elected officials trying to keep documents related to their legislative responsibilities out of the public eye!


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4 thoughts on “Republican lawmakers argue to keep redistricting documents secret

  1. “[Resdisticting] similar to the legislative process,” Nass said. “You don’t go around publicly discussing bills when they are still in draft form.”

    It is the legislative process, you dink.

  2. The attorneys were working for the people of Wisconsin. If they were also working for the Repubs of the Wisconsin Senate, that constitutes a serious breech of ethics on the part of those attorneys and on the part of those who hired them. The Bar Association should step in, though I certainly won’t hold my breath on the matter.

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