South Carolina Snipe Hunt Ends in Complete Failure

And by “snipe hunt” I mean search for fraudulent voters.  There weren’t any.  There never were any.  There never are any.  Voter ID is a fraud perpetrated on the voters by a party that can’t expand it’s membership because they hate all the groups that are growing.  The only way to ensure continued electoral viability is to keep the undesirables from voting.

Well, here’re the results!

Of its review of the 207 contested votes cast in 2010, the commission found:

• 106 votes were clerical errors by poll workers – mistakes like marking John Doe Sr. instead of John Doe Jr.

• 56 votes were “bad data matching” – meaning the state Department of Motor Vehicles, which raised concerns about zombie voters, was wrong in assuming the voters were dead.

• 32 votes were “voter participation errors,” meaning someone was credited as voting in an election when they did not, most likely because of a stray mark on the voter rolls that was electronically scanned to record a voter’s participation.

• Three ballots were cast absentee by voters who died before Election Day.

The Election Commission said it had “insufficient information” to explain the 10 contested votes because:

• In seven cases, the voters’ signatures on poll records could not be matched to “another voter.”

• In two cases, the poll list is missing “making it impossible to match the signature with another person.”

• In one case, the voter’s signature appeared to match a voter in another precinct “but could not be verified.”

There you have it! Not one single solitary zombie / dead / double voter in the whole lot.  Kind of like the research about Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin in 2004, dozens of voters were alleged to have voted twice. After further investigation, the vast majority were affirmatively cleared, with some attributed to clerical errors and confusion caused by flawed attempts to match names and birthdates. There were 14 alleged reports of voters casting ballots both absentee and in person; at least 12 were caught, and the absentee ballot was not counted. There were no substantiated reports of any intentional double voting of which we are aware.


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  1. 32 voter participation errors. I wonder how many of these there were in Waukesha Co. during the
    Supreme Court election.

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