Democrats to replace Sens. Grothman and Zipperer on Joint Finance Committee!

From Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel:

Madison — Democratic Sens. Dave Hansen and Jen Shilling will be joining the powerful Joint Finance Committee.

Hansen, of Green Bay, and Shilling, of La Crosse, will replace GOP Sens. Glenn Grothman of West Bend and Rich Zipperer of the City of Pewaukee because Democrats and Republicans now share power in the Senate.

There are now 16 Republicans and 16 Democrats in the Senate after Sen. Pam Galloway (R-Wausau) resigned on Saturday, ending the GOP’s majority.

Republicans had controlled the Joint Finance Committee 12-4, but they will now run it by a narrower 10-6. They still maintain a majority on the committee because it includes members of both the Senate and Assembly, and Republicans still have a majority in the Assembly.

The offices of Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller of Monona and Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald confirmed the changes.


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1 thought on “Democrats to replace Sens. Grothman and Zipperer on Joint Finance Committee!

  1. Now Senator Grothman can spend more time in his mother’s basement contemplating the reasons he is so preoccupied with other people’s children and sex lives while remaining childless and single….

    Or, if that doesn’t work, he can answer the following question: “What’s a Galloway?”

    Answer: About 300 pounds.

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