Birds of a Feather

This is just plain stupid:

Gov. Scott Walker received an online death threat Friday, with a poster on Facebook asking if it wouldn’t be better to kill the governor instead of mounting a recall election, Capitol police reported.


kevinbinversie Kevin Binversie
@DefeatVos Oh, he missed the best one: “Kill the Recall Petition Volunteer.”


K-Man Eastburn Nice. When dose Democrat season open ???.
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(Looky he even got a “Like” out of it.)

I personally can not tell the difference between the three examples.


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7 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. The ‘death threat’ reeks of a ‘Rovian’ (Rove) strategy to try to drum up sympathy for our poor little-old misunderstood Guv

  2. Has anyone seen a picture of this person it is clear she is mentally disturbed and needs professional help

    1. published a “press release” from media with this.

      They posted a photo of her (with someone).

      Regan Cowan (Left)
      Nasty, vile comments in the comment section about the Cap police. One also called her a ‘homos’.


      Date: 11|8|2011
      Walker Death Threat Suspect A Felon

      By Brian Sikma

      On Monday, the MacIver News Service reported that a death threat had been made against Governor Scott Walker on a recall Walker Facebook page. The page was advertising the upcoming Walker recall kickoff rally hosted by We Are Wisconsin, one of the leading leftwing conduit groups that channeled millions of dollars in out-of-state money into the summer recall elections. Regan Cowan, a Dane County resident, was the one who made the threat. Shortly after the threat was brought to light, the comment was deleted from Facebook.
      Regan Cowan

      Regan Cowan (Left)

      Cowan, who suggested that Walker be killed instead of recalled, said that she was willing to make use of the state’s new concealed carry law to carry out her idea. Her personal Facebook page was unavailable Tuesday morning and an initial search of Facebook did not reveal any other comments made by Cowan. Media Trackers did, however, review Ms. Cowan’s court records and found that she has a long history of civil and criminal issues.

      In her record, which spans 25 different incidents, Cowan has pled guilty to two felony charges. The first one came in 2003 when she failed to report to jail, a Class H felony. The second one came in 2007 when she was found guilty of committing forgery, also a Class H felony.

      Along with her felony in 2003, Cowan was found guilty five different times in incidents ranging from twice being found in possession of drug paraphernalia to damaging property, and then disorderly conduct and operating a vehicle on a revoked license. Perhaps one of the more disturbing cases came in 2004 when Cowan was involved in a hit and run incident that took place while she was driving with her license revoked………………

  3. its funny because KB’s buddy from the cheddarsphere took time out from blowing the Reagan story to monumental proportions to jump to the defense of Kevin Binversie

    Of course it was directed at us here at BB, but we were never named. So in fairness, I left a comment on the Wiggy website. Lo and Behold it never appeared. Why are the right wing bloggers so scared of alternate views? Notice we at BB have never censored a single word of their posts.

    Here in its entirety is my response:

    For someone who advocates “tort reform” you sure like to throw the libelous term out often.

    I think I resemble this remark since I wrote a blog pointing out how there was no difference between Binversie and the goofy lady from FB, or the Kleefisch fans who want to hunt democrats(at least those loons can carry their guns anywhere they want now).

    Now i realize there is a difference Republican calls for violence are A-ok because they have the Macgyver institute and WI reporter to get their back when the rest of the state doesnt get the joke. If only that goofy Reagan girl was allowed 350 words to explain where she was coming from and maybe we all could bust a rib laughing.

    Do I really think that Binversie is going to shoot recall petitioners, no i dont. Do I think that goofy Reagan girl was going to try and kill our Gov? No there also, but then what would you have to write about?

    The reality is, no matter how the right wing cheddarsphere and hate radio tries their best to distort it, is that the vast majority of violence and voilent rhetoric has come from the right. Check us out we have it very well documented – google – “republican thugs” on our website.

    As for OWN, i believe what they were pointing out is how silly it is that we have to pay so much of our tax dollars for “protection” for the right wing elected officials when the violence is coming from their own side. of course a third grader could figure that one out, unless of course the idea is to distract from what your buddy said.

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