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I was doing some Intertube research on the rights to vote and bear arms. While doing so I came across an interesting question and would like to pose it here.

Which right would you rather lose, the right to vote or the right to bear arms? Explain why.


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24 thoughts on “Just Curious

  1. The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case.

    -Thomas Paine, First Principles of Government (1795)

  2. There’s a silly argument floating around making a nyah-nyah comparison of Voter ID to identification requirements for firearms. The two subjects simply aren’t analogous, because different state interests are at stake.

    The argument is also based on a faulty premise – that the judges in the voting cases are claiming the right to vote is absolute. They aren’t. They’re saying that the regulatory realm on voting is defined by the state constitution, and is explicitly limited to that list. That’s not the case with the right to bear arms.

  3. @Gnarly: I heard that argument being used today on the Jeff Wagner show.

    btw: My radio was set there because I like WTMJ’s weather forecasts. I can’t stand that tool. To me, he’s worse than Sykes because he comes across like a sissy weiner — sort of non-threatening.

    1. It’s even worse coming from Wagner, who was – *shudder* – a federal prosecutor. He knows full well that argument is BS.

  4. Well, I don’t own a gun and really can’t see myself ever getting one. However, this doesn’t mean I’d willingly give up that right.

    However, if you retain the right to vote, you can always vote for someone who will re-instate the right to bear arms.

    So I have to go with voting.

    1. I keep asking for the plans or even the daydreams about the coming insurrection. At what point do we attack the school board, the city council, or the park & rec department staff? What about the thugs at the wastewater treatment plant? Up against the wall?

      1. Just kidding Fousty. That was a Mussolini quote.

        Its time to start acknowledging the actions of the right for what they are … proto fascist.

  5. Without the right to vote, there is no right to bear arms.

    Without the right to vote, there is no right of free expression. (Knocking out two birds with one stone.)

    1. Your right to vote can be taken more easily if they have already taken your right to arms.

  6. So the argument is that the plaintiffs in the Voter ID cases have the right to take up arms against Rep. Jeff Stone.

  7. Does this take place now or after the zombies take over?

    Seriously, I would prefer to lose the right to bear arms. In the modern world, there is no reason to carry or really own a gun.

    In the days of building the country, yes the gun was there, because survival depended on owning and using a gun.

    However, remember the right to vote came under changes also. WHO had the right? First, rich, land owners that who were loyal to the pledging country, then white men who had good standing in the community, then black men, but then not all black men, then white women, then wait for it….in 1964, black people again….

    Therefore, gun owner rights will too go thru change and modifications, until the republic does not exist anymore.

    1. Hey Laurie, sorry you missed it but your last seven words should read, “since,” the republic does not exist anymore. Even though on a local level I might continuing donating more than the several hundred hours working to recall Walker, which I already have,(the most immediate threat to my personal well-being to which I can focus personal effort), with no national accountability for multinational corps being demanded, (banks, oil companies, investment and insurance corps), the fantasy posed in the initial question is moot (meaningless).

  8. I know people have not forgotten Nicholaus, Waukesha, Prosser and Kloppenburg. There is truth and larger truth. Yes, voter ID disenfranchises many. It also diverts focus from the larger concerns. For heaven’s sake people, the national election results reporting company was just purchased by a “foreign,” corporation. We leave a paper trail everywhere except at the voting booth in higher population cities.

  9. each time we have transitioned our leadership, it was done by voting….not by gun. Even when Nixon resigned and Clinton was impeached.

  10. The important bit starts at 1:20. Hear Steve Schmidt talk about the importance of the concession speech and the transition of power.

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