Sen. Kathleen Vinehout at Milwaukee’s Drinking Liberally (VIDEO)

Here some video of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Kathleen Vinehout speaking to folks at Monday’s Drinking Liberally here in Milwaukee (the first few moments of the video got cut off for some reason).

Though the first few moments of Sen. Vinehout’s remarks were cut off, I did capture the best parts of her speech, which definitely had some strong populist rhetoric. While Sen. Vinehout may not be as polished a public speaker as some elected officials, it seemed pretty clear to me that she was speaking from the heart, and I give her credit for getting into a race that not many folks have given her a chance at winning.


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21 thoughts on “Sen. Kathleen Vinehout at Milwaukee’s Drinking Liberally (VIDEO)

  1. i really like her. the more i see her the more i am convinced that she is the one to take it to walker in the general.

  2. I want to know more about her. I have a sick feeling that Kathleen Falk is not going to prevail over Walker. I’m angry at WEAC/Emily’s List for jumping on Falk’s bandwagon before any primary.

  3. If this fine lady gets elected, you can be sure she will work harder and more openly for the state than any governor ever has before. I just hope real dedication to intelligence and principle hasn’t gone out of style in Wisconsin.

  4. Kathleen is our state senator (we live in Eau Claire) and we were very glad to be able to join your event on March 19 and to bring 8 of our Milwaukee-area friends and relatives to meet Kathleen. We have gotten to know her during the past year and organized a block party for her last August to meet more of her current constituents, even before she decided to run for Governor. For those of you who want to know more about her, you can start by reading her weekly topical columns and other entries at her website which links to her Facebook page as well. Kathleen does her homework and is very informed; she writes very thoughtfully which complements her folksy talks; and she is very engaging and responsive, as people experienced at the Milwaukee event. Her campaign calendar at her website indicates that she will be with Drinking Liberally Waukesha on Sunday, April 1 at the Club 400 on Williams Street, Waukesha, so you can join her again and encourage your friends to meet her there, too.


  6. After reading Falk’s demands that Tom Barrett stay out the race (because…the nomination is owed to Falk??), and seeing some of the behind-the-scenes work Falk seems to be doing to keep people like Barca out by grabbing every interest group she can, Vinehout continues to look better as an alternative.

    I’m willing to look into her, if things remain as they are.

  7. Does Vinehout’s vote FOR the Castle Doctrine affect anyone’s views? It sure does to me.

    Feingold mentioned Falk and Barrett and nobody else on WPR yesterday when promoting his new book.

    1. I do not vote for a candidate because of ONE issue. That is dangerous. While I don’t believe in the Castle Doctrine, I believe in most of what Kathleen stands for. I have heard her speak in person, and she is genuine. She is very in tune with the people of Wisconsin. I am pleased with her experience and education. I like her enthusiasm and commitment. Those are valuable characteristics.

      I am sorry to hear that Feingold didn’t mention her. That is a reflection on Feingold’s character and not Kathleen Vinehout’s. Barrett hasn’t even declared his candidacy. I fear what would happen if he or Falk run against Walker. They are not well liked.

      1. I agree, not a one issue person myself, depending though, on the singular importance of the issue, of course. Feingold was promoting his book, While America Slept, iirc and had a bunch of stuff to say on several issues. Worth a listen, Kathleen Dunn in the 9:00 AM time slot.

        Hoping for a positive in Feingold being able to tell Obama what the words, Democratic Party, mean as a member of the official POTUS re-election steering committee, but have little hope for Mr Hopeless/Changeless/Clueless figuring it out, ever.

    2. I’m not happy that Sen. Vinehout voted in favor of the Castle Doctrine, but she also was representing her constituents on that vote. Like Kayaker said, I won’t cast my vote based on one issue; I’m looking at the whole picture.

  8. Power brokers in the Democratic party, e.g. union leadership, fear Vinehout because she is truly serious about open politics and the folks in Eau Claire county know it. With all due respect, union leadership needs get out of the back room and come into the twenty-first century.

  9. Forgive me my ignorance please, but what is the “Castle Doctrine”? And I agree, neither Barrett or Falk make me feel very excited about much “change” against Scott Walker. But even as much as Falk and Barrett may be disliked, not much is known about Kathleen and I’m not sure that’s going to do very well against Walker either… I would LOVE a truly sincere “politician” to take on the role of governor – but another question I have to ask, is does she have the background and experience to do the job? No offense, but we need someone (a miracle) who both CARES with sincerity about the people of Wisconsin and its environment, but also has the experience to hit the ground running. I would like to learn more about Kathleen so I’ll be reading, watching and researching – but I still have a lot of doubts (worry) and many questions…

    1. The “Castle Doctrine” is Wisconsin’s new law allowing property owners to use deadly force against anyone they feel threatened by on their property.

      So for instance, if I feel “threatened” by the Schwan’s guy trying to sell me stuff at my door, I can shoot and kill him….just as long as I felt “threatened.”

  10. If Barrett runs for Governor, he has the experience of running a city and doing it well in troubled times. IMHO, if he has the moxie to choose Vinehout as his lieutenant governor, I think they’d make an unbeatable combination.

  11. Who cares about polish. She has substance and cares about the people of Wisconsin. Kathleen speaks from the heart and knows and understands state government What the best is that she has solutions and knows what she will do when she wins.

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