A Great Big Load of Bullshit

From what I can gather from her blog posts and group emails, my co-contributor at Blogging Blue, Lisa Mux, is a thoughtful, civil, and even-handed person. Similarly, the recent report from the Center for Media and Democracy detailing why the TeaSquawker cry of ” rampant fraud ” in the recalls was stunningly wrong, ( which Lisa posted and linked to in a recent blog post), is written in a thoughtful, factual, civil and even-handed manner.

But I think this topic needs a bit of a different treatment, given that there appears to have been only five, count’em, five, fraudulent names among the 931,000 signatures submitted to the GAB for verification. So here’s the rednecked northwoods progressive view.

I submit that the entire campaign to discredit the recall effort, from MacIver to Wiggy, from Esenberg to Sykes, from Big Fitz to McKenna, to the Texas based ” True the Vote ”
( whatever the hell that means ), and King Street Patriots, to GOP county chairs, to every damned spittle flecked letter to the editor in every newspaper small and large across the state, the whole damned works in totality, was just a great big load of pure, grade freakin’ A, smear mongering, fear mongering, confusion inducing, discourse polluting Bullshit.

And anyone who participated in the campaign is just a great big, smear mongering, fear mongering, paranoia peddling, crazy-assed, up-to-no-good Bullshitter. That means you, Professor Rick, Brian Fraley, Charlie Sykes, Terry Moulton, Kevin Binversie, and the rest of you too numerous to mention

So I think all of us here at Blogging Blue, contributors and commenters alike, should post a comment with your favorite great big, no-good, quasi-slanderin’ Bullshitters name, and a link to a public statement they made that was/is obviously just a great big load of Bullshit. Let me start.

I give you Republican state senator Terry Moulton, a great big you-know-what.


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16 thoughts on “A Great Big Load of Bullshit

  1. Oh noze, NOW you done stepped in “it”, Steve !!!

    You. . .said. . .”Bullshit”. [*GASSSSP*]

    The Church Lady, trying to fly under the radar here as “nonquixote”, is sure to come gunnin’ for ya now, my brother.

    I [done] warned you once “bafoe”, boy (think Morgan Freeman as you read the word, “boy”), in the comment thread following the “Callie Otto: A Letter To The Editor And To Ron Johnson” post, that that cranky-ass, sanctimonious, self-important, know-it-all, stick-up-the-butt, “19th Century rector’s wife” so and so [don’t] tolerate [no] “[b]ullshit”, now didn’t I?

    Right now, The Church Lady is pursing her lips and saying, “Well now, isn’t THAT special”.

    I can hear one of the great unmentionables on her tighten up tighter than two coats [a] paint, even as I write.

    Good luck, my brother.

    That said, I agreed with your post one hundred percent (100%).

    1. (*laughing*) Ahhh, yes. The Church Lady’s apprentice.

      Do me a favor, and just “unclench”, huh, Anon?

  2. Zuma,

    Do you have to drag me into your fight on the heels of this, my most excellent ” Bullshit” piece? Really? I’ve been gone for two weeks and have barely read Blogging Blue much less posted here. And this is how I’m treated? I’m shocked and saddened. No, really.

    Can you at least name your favorite Wisconsin GOP Bullshitter? Please?

  3. (*laughing*) My bad, Steve. (*wink*)

    Ya know, it’s funny. I was just wondering, “Why don’t he write?” [h/t to the guy who bites the dust early on in “Dancing With Wolves”, who says that line, in humorously observing that the settler’s relatives are probably wondering what happened to him, when he comes across the skeleton of a settler long since ambushed and killed]

    Um, anyway, as to your question, I’m going to go with, ummmmmmm, I don’t know, uh. . .Terry Moulton?

    Good to have you back.

  4. I think it’s funny how you are soo focused on jobs here and yet national employment you don’t give a rip about or you oppose bills that would bring jobs back to Wisconsin the double standard shown here is quit amazing to me.

  5. That “True the Vote” group title grates on my ears as well. I asked my kids if “true” is used as verb, since they would be more aware of new slang usage than I am. I couldn’t find “true” in the slang dictionary either. As for the recall signatures, remember everyone was saying that one guy had signed 80 times, like it was a fact. http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/135868053.html

  6. @Henrietta, I believe the usage is as follows…

    True: verb (used with object), to make true; shape, adjust, place, etc., exactly or accurately: “to true the wheels of a bicycle after striking a pothole”; (especially in carpentry) to make even, symmetrical, level, etc. (often followed by up ): “to true up the sides of a door. “

    1. Apparently, TTV/VTR also believes that “true” means not documenting the process and criteria used to “count” votes, and that your process can be so poor as to not “count” approximately a third of the signatures on petitions, as we saw them do with the Fitzgerald petitions. And Wisconsin Reporter was there, on the scene, to breathlessly repeat the “true” count from TTV/VTR. And two weeks later, when TTV/VTR realized the error of their ways and issued a correction that was still quite different from the numbers that the GAB considered “true”, Wisconsin Reporter could not be bothered to issue a correction… because that’s conservative journamalismic ethics.

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